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BFV Milsim Recruitment

Basic: Hello, I am Flight Officer RumGuru of the 8th Infantry Division! We are an American Milsim on Xbox Battlefield V, we are still growing and need active members and good leaders badly. You could be one of those leaders we are looking for! About Us: Our [CO] Maj. Toxic is the top ranking CMDR of the 8th Infantry division. Under Maj. Toxic is [CPT] Duck, of the 8th Air Squadron. (He is also one of the best pilots in BFV according to statistics. He is also my bestfriend, very amazing pilot). What we look for in new recruits: Honesty, All recruits must be honest. If they are not honest then you do not deserve the rank given to you. Dedication, You don’t have to go to every raid to be dedicated. You just need to dedicate time to the milsim, improving, and helping others. Leadership, all recruits should show leadership in games. Taking action when need and becoming a leading example for other recruits. Integrity, must have integrity. Meaning you must take responsibility. You can not just randomly blame someone or something, take responsibility in your actions. Application: (You will have to fill this out to the best of your abilities then send it to Maj. Toxic) welcome to **8th Infantry Division NEW**! Thank you for showing an interest in joining our unit. To proceed to Basic Combat Training (BCT), all new applicants must copy and paste the questions below, and then add their full answers to correctly submit this application form. Q. Have you ever been in a Battlefield V Military Simulation unit (Milsim) before? A.(Yes or No) Q. If you have been in any Battlefield V units, list them all below. Please provide proof of discharge in the form of a screenshot of your discharge papers after you fill out this form. A. (Ex: 24SSID/24th SS infantry division) Q. What is your full XBOX Live gamertag? A. (Ex: Makeawishkid#625) Q. How old are you? A. (Age, not that hard) Q. Do you have a working microphone? A. (Yes or no) Q. We are a United States based unit and operate on US Eastern time (EST). Will this be an issue for you individually? A. (Yes or no and timezone) Q. Do you pledge to abide by all rules and regulations set by all senior ranks of our unit, and to faithfully uphold the Army reputation with your fullest ability? A. (Yes or no) Q. Who recruited you? A. (Here you would put [FO] RumGuru) Signed: (Your gamertag, or name if preferred) Discord: (Ex: RumGuru#0001) BE ADVISED: Once you have completed the form correctly, send it to Maj. Toxic See you at BCT, recruit. (Once Complete add RumGuru#0001 on Discord and I will invite you to the Discord)

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  • Puddingking14 LV.14 Chief Jan 14, 2021, 07:48 PM

    My question is this. Why would a flight officer be recruiting for the Infantry division? Doesn't make sense to me tbh.