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Battlefield have some work to do

Battlefield V open beta ended today and the ramblings I'm reading about it are mixed. Each side is saying why the game is doing fine or not living up to expectations. I downloaded the beta and tried a little bit of it too. I can see what everyone is pointing out in their critiques and can agree, if the game was released now, would leave room for angry reviews.

There's a reason DICE decided to delay the initial launch date a month. To my understanding this will not be enough for them to fix all of the problems. It's a start and I'm not a hardcore Battlefield fan, mainly waiting on their BR mode Firestorm. A tidbit that strikes to be interesting to me is the problems for the main battlefield game is a non factor for BR mode. They have that going for them at least. Criterion is handling all that is Firestorm, I want to know more about that as vehicles should be fantastic.

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