Hunsley LV.24 Assassin
Jan 26, 2020, 05:06 PM 228 read


Hey guys what is going up^^ In the last time i wasn't that active here on moot and general on my social medias. I want to apologize for that but now i'm ready to feed the world with content, my content^^ >>the Hunsley-Shit<< 😝 So what happened in this time?! I really worked hard on my aim to create good content for you guys. But the road doesn't end with this, no it just started! !!!Now you can find my very first (2) videos on my YT-Channel!!! I beg you for just two things; -watch them -& leave your opinion I hope you guys will enjoy and we will see us on the grind! friendly shoots Hunsley

Battlefield: General - YT-/Streaming-Project image 2

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