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Jan 2, 2020, 03:05 AM 101 read


Hey guys i wish you a happy new year!! Its already a while since my last post. And the reaso for this is my #Gaming-Setup which is uprgaded now to the next level. It was a lot of work and a dream came true for me. It isn't the "perfect" streaming-studio but for the budget version i got high-quality equipement. So, what's new? -Gaming pc (high-specs) -Gaming monitor (32" 144Hz) -Gaming keyboard -Third monitor (old/used)

Battlefield: General - !!ARMED GEAR!! image 2

So for now is everything prepared and i promise the first YT-vids will come very soon in this month. I hope you have a awesome start in the year friendly shoots Hunsley

Battlefield: General - !!ARMED GEAR!! image 4

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