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Aug 5, 2019, 02:09 AM 217 read

Best class

I say support why???   1st he/she practically has infinite ammo because he/she can re supply himself   2nd LMG's are really good in battle field   3rd along with medic they make for a good team and are (Wouldn't say required) but should be in every squad   WHat do u guys think

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  • BadBearAlbino12 LV.13 Insomniac Aug 6, 2019, 04:32 AM

    I prefer recon just cause Sniping is so fun in Battlefield games, is it the best class? nah, but it's a personal favorite

  • NO NAME verified Aug 6, 2019, 04:47 AM

    fair enough i see your point

    Issue is Ammo scout class (especialy BF5) has little ammo for there guns i end up having to use my pistol most of the time

  • BadBearAlbino12 LV.13 Insomniac Aug 6, 2019, 05:13 AM

    yeah I havent played 5 yet. I put in a lot of time to B3 and it was great and in B1 I normally die before I run out of ammo

  • NO NAME verified Aug 6, 2019, 04:22 PM

    definetly play BF5 its fun

  • Your Bro Stego LV.22 Insomniac Aug 10, 2019, 12:30 AM

    I'd have to say Medic. mainly because if the player knows what they're doing, it can change the tide of any game

  • LittleAlchemist LV.20 Wild West Aug 10, 2019, 02:44 PM

    only thing I dont like is there limited ability compared to other classes like sniping or healing way fast

  • NO NAME verified Aug 10, 2019, 07:47 PM

    ok but the support has good suppressive abilities

  • xKRONOSx LV.10 Nomad Aug 20, 2019, 12:34 AM

    If you’re good enough any class should work for you. But again that depends.. Assault in my opinion is the best due to laying down mines such as the support, but also rpgs/piat. Piat you can mark a building from a ways away, pull out your piat and literally fire straight up into the sky and it’ll act as a mortar due to the R1 or what have you to use for the marker.

    As one of the best tankers in the world, crippling your enemy by taking out heavy armor, will likely end in victory.

  • PredatorX78 LV.3 Lurker Sep 18, 2019, 09:13 AM

    Kinda how I feel about medic. Not only can I revive others/heal them. Also heal myself at any point. And as your point will prove in any match: Medic+Support is a pretty kickass duo together.