[BFV] news-update!

Hey guys what is going up^^

I hope you had a good week with not too much trouble😊 mine was fine

For getting a smooth start in the weekend i got some #battlefield -news from the Trello Board.
Just for those who didn't read it anywhere else🤙🏽
friendly shoots
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[BFV] burnt!

I just want this skin so bad!!🤤

Extremely sad its only purchase available..😒

We need to fix this!!!😠😋
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Didn't know Limpets could be held like this

Me and a friend of mine we having a 1v1 in Battlefield 1 and well the limpet did this animation ive never seen before but have you ever seen it ?

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Not sure how I hip fired this

Ignore the spray

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Hey guys what is going up^^

I am the one who organize the Battlefield 5 BATTLE ROYALE - Tournament at the SwitzerLan in the capital city Bern!
The SwitzerLan is the biggest LAN in the countrey!
Now i invite you to take part at this insane event!

Check out the website, get your ticket and join the Firestorm BATTLE ROYALE!!
If there are any questions left, let me know in a DM, the comment-section or contact the other organisators of SwitzerLan.
(or old-school; you write a email:
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Ever scared poop less when a Panzer IV comes outta nowhere and kick over your freshly filled coffee

Happened to me yesterday. Post a really funny story of something that scared you in game that made you accidentally do something

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LV.19 Professional Noob 4d

So relatable

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I just got battlefield 5 yesterday and have been playing only support and was wondering what lmg is the best for my playstyle I like to run and gun but also be able to hold down a area and cover teammates?

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That was 🔥

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[BFV] known issues!

Here a little 'issues' update by Battlefield V.
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[BFV] free trial weekends!

I checked out the 'weekend events calendar' of Battlefield V and discovered the FREE TRIAL WEEKENDS-event.
Now i'm a bit curious what it brings within.
So the first thing i'm gonna do this morning is installing the pre-download.👇🏽

Join me and let's check it out!
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Was this sloppy or luck ?

This clip is a bit older but I genuinely don't know because of how it turned out but tell me what you think

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Battlefield 5 to Host Several Free Weekends

Starting tomorrow, there will be a series of free weekends for you to test out Battlefield 5. Each weekend will focus on a specific game mode, which means you won’t have free reign to completely test the game out. This weekend’s free trial is for the Rush game mode. Next, you’ll get a chance to play Conquest. Finally, on October 24th you’ll have an entire weekend to test out the Grand Operations game mode.
For the full story click here:
And to check out the rest of The Daily Moot click below:

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Bad Comapny 2 - A breath of fresh, Battlefield air

I see no BC2 category so thi is the closest thing I could find...
Been recently playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 and it's Vietnam expansion again and enjoying it very much. Just plain ol' unadulterated FPS fun without the added restrictions.

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[BFV] another ONE!

After the #connectivityissues yesterday evening by EA in Origin we start today another hard training-session!!💪🏽

All for the #improvingeveryday 😏

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[BFV] shredding session!

Let's do another BFV shredding-session!🤙🏽

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[BFV] short off/back ON

Was wrecking my enemies on #Op.Underground while my Windows decided to make a Update.. -.-
so i'm shortly off butt back ON soon!✌🏽

Be ready for a relaxing sunday-[BFV]-shredding-Session🤙🏽

friendly shoots!

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[NEW] Gaming-Setup!

Fresh back from Venice, shortly made my very first Gaming-Corner!

I love my new Gaming Chair!❤ feels fucking smooth^^

Almost everything prepared for the YT-Channel/Streaming-Project!💪🏽

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*when someone wanna know the Setup-specs
hit the COMMENT👇🏽

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Useful glitch

I know that the newest Battlefield is BFV but I still play alot of BF1 and kinda wanted to share this on here

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[BFV] INFO Update

Some issues..

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We can make one, cooperation is the key, if you are funny and like having a great time in BF5 just send me a message I play on #PC and #Europe servers.

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Playing the new Operation Underground map for the very first time...

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[BFV] Op.Underground Map-specs!

"The Battlefield V Operation Underground Map is now out and i am sure most of you are playing on it as we speak. Below are the full official details on this map, so if you are interested have a read through them."

Let's check this out..!!
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Looking for a family based clan? Tired of not having anyone to play with? OEG is for you!!

We are a fairly new clan looking to expand our members! Not only do we have battlefield, we also have COD, 2k20, smite and r6. All we ask is you’re 16+, with a working mic, and a discord! If you’re interested please don’t hesitate to message me! I look forward to speaking with you!

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[Recruitment][USA][Xbox] EOD is now Recruiting!

Are you tired of playing alone in public lobbies? Would you like to make some friends and play with a dedicated group of people on a regular basis? Then join the Esoteric Order of Dagon Gaming Community! We are currently recruiting for BFV & BF1 on Xbox. We are a small, young clan that is looking to grow and eventually start a comp team when we get big enough. So if you'd like to grow with us, then please respond to this post or DM me.
- You must have Discord (if you don't have one, make one)
- You must be 16 years or older
- You must be a good team player with a working mic

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Bf5 support

Anyone need a support player for there squad?

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[BFV] small News-Update!

UPDATE: #BattlefieldV Operation Underground will go live tomorrow, October 3 with the following availability times.

🇺🇸 3:00 AM PDT.
🇲🇽 5:00 AM CDT.
🇻🇪 6:00 AM VET.
🇬🇧 11:00 AM BST.
🇩🇪 12:00 PM CEST.
🇷🇺 1:00 PM MSK.
🇨🇳 6:00 PM CST.
🇯🇵 7:00 PM JST.
🇦🇺 8:00 PM ACT.

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[BFV] October News #1

We got new announcements by DICE's Community Manager (u/Braddock512).
It sounds as they really worked a bit :-P
No joke, i'm excited for real which joy's the "Battlefest" will bring us to daylight.
And there is more good stuff like reveal trailer, event blogs and more..
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