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Competitive Battlefield Europe Xbox

Hey :)

We are in  Friendly Competitive BFV discord server for EU players. We use this mainly to play scrims/friendlies in SQCQ against eachother and for LFG.

There are 170+ members and teams include IV/INEX/iD/REN/SL0T/WP/MVP/HDSE/Lmn8/nF/SCUN/BDP/LL/PG/GHB/OFT/SLK/LQO/B28/iRF/SOWE/DUAL/SG/WPG and Narko.

Strong EU Xbox players/platoons are welcome to join our friendly competitive community. Everything will be easier when private servers (RSP) comes out. https://discord.gg/RM9At3F

LV.4 Xbox 3mo
Competitive Battlefield Europe Xbox