To bad for FIRESTOM is a good game !!!!

Battlefied5 BR

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Firestorm looting system is ass and needs a rework

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Best way to go

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Overall I think it's a pretty solid game mode. Of course, the looting needs to be overhauled and fixed but besides that I see this as a really great step in to the world of Battle Royale for Dice/Criterion. What do you guys think?!
I really hope this is just a shell for maybe a standalone Battlefield BR Title(maybe even Free?!) that will be released.
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Just bought BF V!

Never played it before. I only played Bad Company I wasn't a BF fan. How ever firestorm looks pretty neat and is worth a try. What do y'all think about the game?

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First win !

Also played with randoms, 0 communication lol. great game though.

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I am looking for players that want teamwork on BF4 and BFV

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Fricking FPS

My FPS is so bad its insane. Any ideas on how to fix it?

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We are live on firestorm

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So people what do you think about Firestorm? Will it be good?

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BF5 best plane both sides

Tell me just wanting to see what everyone thinks.


TTK too fast?

It may be a little early to tell but the ttk seems incredibly fast, which I feel I should be ok for squads as it allows a single to kill a whole squad much easier than in a game such as apex legends. However the incredibly fast ttk in Solo play may encourage and almost force people to camp as I feel that if you’re out in the open, as much of the map is, if someone gets the drop on you there is very little you can do. Any thoughts?

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Is it live yet?

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Battlefield V Roadmap

Battlefield V Confirmed that we’re are getting more Chapters! In Chapter: Defying the Odds, were are getting multiple maps possibly and modes! One of them known as Marita. We’re also getting a Urban Combat Map which the map is unknown because the Devlopers of DICE are recreating a map from the past Battlefield Games. In Chapter 5: Awakening the Giant will coming around Fall of 2019. WE ARE NOT SURE THIS CHAPTER IS GONNA BE. I am thinking that this will be the Soviet Union. It could possibly The the Pacific Theatre but I don’t this so because “Giant” doesn’t sound like something in the Pacific Theatre. “Giant” sounds like USSR due to its massive size.

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First time free hand hope you like it.


Battlefield V Battle Royale

Who is READY for Firestorm!!!!

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Firestorm is coming out tomorrow March 25th

I'm excited to try firestorm it comes out tomorrow March 25th and I'm ready to see what we will be able to do I love playing battlefield 1 and battlefield 5 and I'm anxious to see if they made firestorm just as good

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Stealth 99

Watch "Battlefield V stealth 99" on YouTube

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The shot heard around the match

Watch "Battlefield V The shot heard around the world" on YouTube

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That bolt pull

Watch "Battlefield V Ross bolt cinematic" on YouTube

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I love the shotgun buff

Watch "Battlefield V 12g rampage" on YouTube

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The staghound is actually a cat

Watch "Battlefield V the staghound is actually a cat" on YouTube

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M30 drilling is still the best

Watch "Battlefield V M30 sniper mode activated" on YouTube

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Another one

Watch "Battlefield V Liberator kill #1" on YouTube

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Liberator kill

Watch "Battlefield V Liberator kill#2" on YouTube

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How is everyone's day going?

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