Nothing a bandaid cant fix

Battlefield V: Whats that noise

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Ok ima say that BF1 planes are better than BF5

Shush haters my opinion
ok I just feel like BF1 planes are easier to control

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Come watch my stream!

I'm live on Twitch - Watch me at

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I really wish they added syringes for medics just like in bf1 into bf5

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Since there isnt a bf1 page, I was hoping i could find people who are still interested on here.

If anybody still plays battlefield 1, you can Add me at ArcticSpectre on Ps4.

LV.20 PlayStation 2mo

The holy cleanse!

LV.2 Lurker 2mo

Battlefield 4

I just got the game never played it before I need someone to show me the ropes I’m not bad I just won’t know the maps or barely know what’s happening

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This is what we really want.

LV.5 Lurker 2mo

My first time hitting a plane I was so proud and happy hope you people enjoy

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When you’re one of the best tankers in the world

2 tenths of 1% aka 0.2% No I don’t sit in the base, I’m an offensive tank. So no camping n roasting marshmallows

LV.9 Nomad 2mo

No fly zone

Sometimes they don't listen to the warning then extreme action has to be taken

LV.25 Outlaw 2mo


Be 16 or older, have a mic and discord! Skills don't matter We've got a team of trainers to show u how to play the game better! On ps4? We got tht! On Xbox? We are there too! Wanna try to go pro? We have comp teams as well! Msg me if interested!

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RIP Competetive Ranked 5v5 Matchmaking

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A message for everyone in bf5

Please please stop driving the half-tracks off to the far left side on panzerstorm breakthrough... It doesn't help anyone and you have to walk half a mile to the objective to even take it so please stop it's annoying and we keep losing on the first round because half of the team thinks driving them off is helpful it's not and your just being an idiot costing us the match because no one pushes in to capture. Push in and fight that's how to get best squad

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Pc gameplay kill montage. What you think?

Watch "battlefield montage #1" on YouTube

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Just started going off

Had a really good match yesterday with a buddy I ended up doing really really well near the end and ended up with 9 or so kills without dying plus a handful of revives as well as capping A almost alone!

LV.25 Outlaw 2mo

Glitch in battlefield 5 NORDLYS

Why ea

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Push It

See the original without the music here 👍

Bonus Clip

LV.21 Wizard 2mo

RKU wants you!! Join our team and have a whole community to play with!

Rku is recruiting and expanding its members in bf5. All we ask is that you’re 16 or older, have a working mic, and a discord. If you’re interested please feel free to message me or like this post! Looking forward to talking with you!!!

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I'm on my way to becoming the greatest Dragon Master! Check out my Dragon City!

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When you skip The tutorial

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Tv broke

has to use the laptop screen

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LV.3 Lurker 2mo

5 man knife kill

LV.4 Clearly Hacking 2mo

TDM 7 knife streak

LV.2 Lurker 2mo

Disappearing act

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TDM Al Sundan Exploit sBug 15 kills

LV.4 Xbox 2mo

Unpopular Opinion

Help your teammates. Take/Defend objectives. The kills will follow🤷🏻‍♂️

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The spitfire talking to the bf 109 spitfire I am you but better. Bf109 😭😭

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Sometimes you have to sacrifice yourself

In some situations the I only option is to take you and the enemy out as seen below when encountering tanks with limited anti armor

LV.25 Outlaw 2mo