Another one

Watch "Battlefield V Liberator kill #1" on YouTube

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Liberator kill

Watch "Battlefield V Liberator kill#2" on YouTube

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How is everyone's day going?

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Tips, do and don’ts ?

Good day all,

I just bought the game, and beside being spawn killed the whole time, I enjoy playing the game.
Does anyone has some tips, do and don’ts in this game ? How does the squad feature work,... ?

Many thx!

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Ah Finally! 😏

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2019 Clan coming

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We all have that one friend that doesn’t want to go in the battle

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Chapter 3 Trial By Fire

In Chapter 3, we got a new mode called Firestorm which is basically BR (Battle Royale) coming in March 25. We are also getting a free map. This map takes place in Greece. The map is called Mercury which is a reference of Operation Mercury in WW2 when the Allies take back occupied Greece. We are getting more Combined Arms mission that will be on Fjell 652. We even got new modes that we never seen in Battlefield in June! I’ll see you on the the Battlefield!

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With Battelfild is the best game

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Junkers op and getts buff

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When an enemy bomber files over at the start

LV.5 Try Hard 5mo


Hope everyone’s having a good day

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Vote on this poll you scrubs

Should DICE add the Tiger 2 to a DLC

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This is cool

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Best sniper?

I try to find one but I’m more of a far away player but I like to get to my scope fast so can some ppl help me out plz thanks this will help a lot.


Firestorm map is MASSIVE! 10x bigger than the largest map

Imagine a 128 player conquest match in this map!
That would be sickk!!
The highlighted region is hamada!

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Battlefield 5’s Firestorm Map is Massive

DICE announced Firestorm last week, the battle royale game mode coming to Battlefield V. The map is called Halvøy and it is actually ten times larger than the game’s current largest map, Hamada. While battle royale maps are normally large, this is a bit ridiculous. It makes sense though, as Firestorm will feature helicopters, tanks, and other vehicles that will enable players to traverse the map with speed. Firestorm comes to Battlefield V on March 25th.
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Don't care what anyone says this game is fun

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Love this game xd

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Random question

Has anyone ever driven a tank off the edge of the map and lived somehow? Just curious.

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We all have that one friend who's caught in the storm

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So excited for firestorm

I'm so excited to try out firestorm, in the trailer it looks like you can ride tractors, helicopters , call in missle barrages, and do much more the vehicles look badass and so interesting can't wait

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Could Firestorm revive Battlefield V?

Battlefield's had a rough time vs the competition lately. Fortnite and Apex are two fresh games that are both free and definitely took a lot of fans of shooters away from games like Battlefield. Even CoD took away a lot of BFV with the hype around Blackout being in Black Ops 4. Now that Battlefield is coming out with their own battle royale I wonder if it will revive the series a bit?
My concern is I don't think a lot of people are going to hop to BFV just for Firestorm because most people already play a battle royale that they like. I think it's great for Battlefield fans who want the hyper realistic gameplay but I'm not sure it was really the right move for Battlefield from a financial standpoint.
What do you guys think?

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Why isn't anyone active here? Battlefield 5 is a really goood game!! Where my active players at ??@moot

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Battlefield 5 Official Firestorm Reveal Trailer

Dice just released a reveal trailer for Battlefield 5’s battle royale mode ‘Firestorm.’ Last week a tutorial video for the game mode leaked, where a narrator explained some of the details of Firestorm. This video, in comparison, is way more cinematic and exciting. We can see destructible buildings, vehicles, and everything else that is classic Battlefield. We also now have a release date for Firestorm. The battle royale mode will release on March 25th.
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Battle field 1

Honestly battle field 1 was the best of all i loved it

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No cap..

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I honestly don't get how people are so good with tanks.

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Battle filed 5 is good

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