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Does anyone know where I can get ditto

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New Pokemon Fan

I wanna watch the series so I can prepare for pokemon sword and shield, do i gotta watch every season. I dont wanna be lost but at the same time its alot of episodes.

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Login In

Is there someone out there to see who know how to clear mt account, i forgot my username, password, screen name, and ID. HELP ME

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PoGo Box Analysis - May 2019

“It appears that in light of Extraordinary Raid Week, Niantic has given us a great selection of boxes, including an Ultra Box featuring a whopping 20 Raid Passes. These are easily some of the best boxes as of late, and in this Box Analysis, we will go in-depth with just how good these boxes are.

As usual, Lucky Eggs and Incense are priced at 63 coins each, to give us a better picture of how these boxes worth compared to buying these items in bulk. Star Pieces are 50 a piece to reflect their bulk price as well.

At first glance, we can see that these boxes have some better % savings compared to boxes of the past, and there is a substantial increase in the number of raid passes in each box, especially notable in the Ultra Box. With the Adventure Box satisfying needs for Egg Incubators, it is nice to have boxes with a lot of raid passes. Making these boxes even better is the plethora of raid events that will be happening this month.

There is not much to say in this box analysis about each box individually, only that these are great boxes to restock your raid pass supply. For free to play players wondering how many coins it takes to get their hands on a box, we suggest you check out the Coin Hoarder’s Guide. Like usual, we are not sure when these boxes are going away, but boxes typically last until the end or start of a new event.
The Adventure Box seems like it is here to stay, but it still gets its own place in the analysis! If you have not been following boxes closely and you are not sure what an Adventure Box is, it is aimed at players who want to ‘Adventure’ and focuses on egg hatching! Because of that, these boxes focus on an increased amount of incubators but feature no raid passes.

Overall from the Adventure Box Analysis, the % saved is amazing, and if you are itching for incubators, this box alone will let you hatch 51 eggs altogether, 12 in the normal and 39 in the supers. If you are not into raiding but enjoy hatching eggs, this box is the one for you.

That concludes this Box Analysis, and overall, these boxes are worth picking up at least one! What do you say, are you going to grab one?”

Via Kristy @ the Pokémon Go Hub:

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Eeveelution Name Trick


LV.30 Mod 2mo

How do we join a raid with a code plz ?

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Where to next??

Does anyone know where I can find snorlax been searching for weeks now

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Should i use my fast tm on my manchamp on pokemon go

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Bug Out Raid Bosses

Via Leek Duck:

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Does anyone now of any good magikarp nests if so put he cords in the comment section

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I need the truth

Ok, I was just playing Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee and there’s one problem I have at the current moment, I want to evolve eevee into Glaceon, and I have a ice stone but it’s not compatible with him

I also have a fire stone too, but Eevee’s compatible with the Fire stone and not the ice stone

I don’t get that, why won’t it work 😭😔

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Pokemon Quest - End Game Team & Recipes

Is that time again, and welcome back to my advice corner. Alright, hundle around me as I empart of things that I've learned from playing Pokemon Quest nonstop. In this post I'll cover some of the Pokemon that I think are essential for the end game with the most important recipes 🍳.
My top endgame Pokemon choices:
1) Dragonite (quelle surprise!!!) :
Anyone who plays the OG games will know that Dragonite is OP AF. On a side note that's why I called my Shiny Dragonair, "OP Dragon."
In order to get a Dragonite, you can use 2 recipes:
- Mulligan Stew — Super Low Odds — Any 2 or less Normal & 3 or more Precious
- Blue Soda — Super Low Odds — 4 or more Icy Rock
Dragonite's best move is Draco Meteor
2) Alakazam (another OP Pokemon from Gen 1):
- Brain Food — 100 percent — 3 Bluk Berry, 2 Apricorn
Alakazam's Best move is Psychic
3) Rhydon:
- Mud Pie — Below 50 percent chance — 3 Tiny Mushroom, 2 Fossil
- Stone Soup — 50/50 chance — 3 Fossils, 2 Apricorn
Rhydon's moves are good over all.
4) Venusaur (Who saw this one coming😜?):
- Sludge Soup — 50/50 chance — 3 Balm Mushroom, 1 Tiny Mushroom, 1 Rainbow Matter
- Veggie Smoothie — way above 50 percent chance — 3 Big Root, 1 Apricorn, 1 Rainbow Matter
Venusaur's Best move are Vine Whip & Solar Beam

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Which pokémon types fight best against eachother

I'm still a noob so which types fight best against others? Like electric- water

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Pokemon Quest Recipes Guide
So Pokemon Quest just recently came out and I'ce gotten sucked into it. Finally there's a mobile Pokemon game that actually has stats, move sets, evolutions, training, power stones, and cooking (look I really like to eat :P). At moment, I'm not aure how many generations this game currently includes. It's a fun game to play in short bursts while you're waiting to do something. Now for the actual part of the post, which deals with cooking recipes. The way recipes work in this game is that you mix different ingridients that you get from exploring and you mix them. Depending on the raririty of the ingridients and the combinations, you'll attract new Pokemon to your team (some recipes attract more rare types of pokemon). On a side note, you don't capture Pokemon in this game like in the main series games.
Here's some info that I got from IGN's guide:
For a more detailed explanation, here's IGN's recipe guide:

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pokemon go tips and tricks please?

Hey everyone. i just got back into pokemon go . I live in a little rural town with not alot of poke stops . There are a fee gyms near by though. Anyways im having a little trouble finding stronger pokemon. Right now my strongest is an aerodactyl with 895 cp and the gyms are way in the 2000 cp range. Any tips?

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Need people to raid with me against Latios. Can’t win with just 1 person

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should I get Pokemon go agen is it still. Fun

I just got a new phone and should I get Pokemon and also will all my data save over?

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Should I Restart?

I quit after the Huge hype train ended and it fell off a little being a little dulled. But now I want to play again after such a long time. Should I simply start a new account or try to pick up from my old account with my previous mistakes?

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Levelling up

What’s the best/quickest way to level up on this. I’m currently level 22 and really struggling getting xp without having to buy eggs

LV.13 Chief 1year

Ok guys I've stepped away from Pokemon go is it still fun

I wasn't on the hype train I got on the early access beta an played it then an when it came out during the hype train which I hated laggy servers never forget an then played it for awhile then I stopped then before Gen 2 of the pokemon came out an it was fun but I don't know what's everyone's thoughts?

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When does zeraora become available to obtain because I'm getting impatient

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Ultra Sun and Moon Shiny Pokemaans

Just finished main story line on ultra sun. Doing shiny hunting on wormholes but I can’t tell the difference between a shiny and non shiny regice on ultra sun.. anyone caught one yet ? YouTube wasn’t much help

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I missed a groudon raid :(

I'm sad I missed a groudon raid by like 5 seconds #feelsbadman

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Pokemon go players

Hi my name is abdul and i am from india i have a channel on youtube about pokemon go and clash royale trainers raids guide eaaiest way to catch legendary and any other pokemons and solo raids guides

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POPULAR Anyone got tips for catching a Groudon? I’ve been through nine and no luck

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Best guide for Pokémon Sun and Moon!!

Press to read.

don’t play it.

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POPULAR Weather Chart guide

The new updated weather chart is here. I am hoping it rains in Northern California so I have a better chance to catch my favorite, Mudkip! What do you guys think of the new update so far? I like the added dynamic to the game but there is far too many glitches at the moment, so hopefully that clears up soon.

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Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon Guide

I know most of you gamers do not like to use guides while playing games but sometimes they are pretty helpful/useful at certain areas of the game. Here is an article written by Christoper Walden, Hirun Crier, and Tom Orry that will give you helpful tips on what to do whenever you get stuck in the game!
Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Beginner's Guide
If you weren't already aware, at the very beginning of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, you'll be presented with a choice of three started Pokemon from Professor Kukui. These three Pokemon are Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio, and we'll outline each of them just below:
Rowlet - The Grass-type Pokemon, Rowlet is fairly well balanced by the time you evolve it, but it is very weak to Fire-type Pokemon.
Litten - Litten is the Fire-type Pokemon of the group, and excels in general destructivity, although any Water attacks will hurt it heavily.
Popplio - The Water-type Popplio is weak to Electric-type Pokemon, although if you can evolve it into its final form, it'll have a few nice Special moves at its disposal.
But once you've got your hands on your starter Pokemon, what should you do? Well, we'd recommend you head out into the wilds and level up your main Pokemon, although you've got to remember that you shouldn't play favorites with your chosen Pokemon. If you neglect leveling up your other Pokemon, you'll find you have an incredibly weak team later on in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, and what you want is a well balanced team, so make sure to keep switching up your Pokemon fairly regularly.
Aside from this, we'd also recommend not running away from wild Pokemon battles early on in your time with Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. Instead, you should use these opportunities to level up your Pokemon, and simply head to the nearest hospital whenever you need to, in order to get your team healed up. You should also take on any Pokemon Trainers you encounter early on, as these battles give your Pokemon way more XP points than battles with wild Pokemon, providing that you make it out victorious, of course.
Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon How to Farm Money Guide
You’re never going to be hurting for money when it comes to keeping on top of revives and potions, but just how can you earn enough to buy all those clothes? All those TMs? All those other exotic items?
It’s not too difficult if you have a team that can pull it off. If you’re in the Ultra Sun and Moon post-game, it won’t take you long at all! There are a few preparations to make before battling, however.
Amulet Coin:
First, you’ll want to make sure you have the Amulet Coin item. If this item is being held by a pokémon that actively participates in the battle and survives to the end, the amount of money received at the end is doubled. It’s a must-have if you’re planning to farm for money.
You can find it very early on it the game, in the Paniola Ranch. It’s located just to the right of the Daycare Centre.
Happy Hour:
Happy Hour is a very exclusive move in that it’s impossible to obtain without the use of an event pokémon. It’s worth trying to get one though, because simply using the move is enough to double that battle’s prize money.
Fortunately it’s currently very easy to obtain, as the Rockruff that you need to evolve a Dusk Form Lycanroc happens to know the move. You can read up on how to acquire this Rockruff in our Dusk Form Lycanroc guide.
Roto Prize Money:
While hard to acquire without manipulation, the Roto Prize Money power triples your earnings for a period of ten minutes at a time, and you’ll get two for landing on it in the Roto Loto.
Fortunately, there’s a way to ensure you land on it, but it’ll take some time if you’re unlucky. If you save the game while Rotom’s eyes are flashing on the bottom screen, you can simply soft reset the game in order to roll again. Therefore, you can keep rolling until you get this power, so long as you have the patience.
Where to farm:
The easiest place to farm for money is at the Elite 4. As the Roto Prize Money power lasts for 10 minutes, you can squeeze in every battle here if your team is strong enough. By the time you’re farming for money, they will be!
With the Roto Prize Money power active, and with the Amulet Coin on an active pokémon, you’ll be earning a whopping 79,200 per Elite 4 battle. If you have the elusive Lucky Hour, that’s over 100k per battle! Do this a few times and you’ll be a millionaire before you know it!
I highly recommend you read the entire article which is posted here:

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