My absolute firsts pkmn go shiny

Can this get 69 likes 😂

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Add me

Add me if yall want I got a mission to make 3 new friends and I'll try to send yall a gift every day if I have any bc I do have 4 actual friends that I play with and they are priority I'm sure yall get it

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Pokedex, almost there🤪👍

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Anyone in beaverton michigan hit me up and we can trade.

my snap is danielcallender

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Quick Question

What does it mean when the Pokestop looks glitched?

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POPULAR I have nothing else to post

So heres my dodou evolving

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Pokémon on my phone

So basically my friend showed me how to play Pokémon games on my phone. I’m going to play Pokémon crystal for like 5 hours now don’t bug me.

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Shiny Suicune, Pikachu Witch Hat, And Global Challenge Pokemon Go

Shiny Suicune, Pikachu Witch Hat, And Global Challenge Pokemon Go

#pokemon #pokemongo #MobileGame

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For the low price of £299.99...

You can buy yourself a copy of Pokemon SoulSilver from Amazon...

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Always level 5 raids

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My 10th Slowpoke

Pokecord is amazing

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Bowser & I just wanted to know if you guys would like to meet some of the penny gaming crew member's

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Hm haven’t got a shiny yet :/

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What do I have to do to be able to trade legendary Pokémon?

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Just finished my Jump Start Research

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When a momma Wailmer loves a daddy Wailmer they make a....

a third Wailmer spawned a minute later.


Need more friends

Looking for more friends in the Kansas City area to go to raids with! 🤷🏿‍♂️ if your interested add me 2481 9681 3814

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The best Pokémon in Pokémon go

What do you guys have to say for the best Pokémon in Pokémon go I am trying to make a very good team

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Does this board concern only Pokemon Go or other pokemon games as well?

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Pokemon Go

Anyone know the best way to level up fast?

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My pokemon platinum team!

My first playthrough

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My alpha sapphire team

Gyarados and latias are still levelling

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Let's goooo

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new pokemon morpeko

hangry mode is CUUUUUTE

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What is your perfect team?

Trying to see everyone’s strat based team!

LV.20 Team Player 1mo

let me know if any of you have one

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is this any good?

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POPULAR Just caught my 3rd Rayquaza

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