Detective Pikachu The Movie Is Coming !!!!!

Someone Is Ready For The New Movie Pokemon ? Like If You Do ! 😎

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A few of my favorite Pokèmon

Heyo Everyone,

So today's post is about a few of my favorite pokèmon in Pokèmon Go as of recently. Im super happy to share them with everyone. As of recently i also have been playing Pokèmon Go alot more with my husband its become our favorite thing to do in our free time other than watching Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super and alot of other anime and games such as Magic The Gathering. So here's a little list of my favorite pokèmon currently that i own in Pokèmon Go and im super excited to share it with everyone. Also I will catch y'all in my next post and i hope y'all have an amazing Thursday!

Major Blade Out!

My Favorite Pokèmon Currently:


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also forgot to make a post about them

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Why all the Digletts???

All that’s popping up is digletts sandshrews and other ground types. How come ?

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POPULAR I just got Groudon from a Raid ❤️

Heyo Everyone,

Im really excited to share this with everyone i just got Groudon from an EX Raid and hes my first one that ive ever caught. im so happy i was able to catch him after i finished the raid yay. Im super happy to share my love for pokèmon go with everyone. Anyways i hope y'all have a great day and I'll catch yall in my next post.

-Major Blade Out!

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Get Shiny Pokemon through the Pokemon Pass App

Nintendo released a new app this morning called the Pokemon Pass, which fans can use to get free content for games like Pokemon Let’s Go by visiting ‘designated retail locations.’ On May 11th those who have downloaded the free app can check in at their local Target to receive a free Shiny Pikachu and a Shiny Eevee for Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu or Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee. Future freebies will include more video game content plus digital content like stickers and wallpapers.
For the full story click here:
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Who plays let's go pickachu on Nintendo switch??

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Level 33 will anybody one Account From me

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GAMES ARE AWESOME - Did you know? #17

The best ideas come from childhood age.

The creator of Pokémon Satoshi Tajiri has got the idea for the game from his childhood days.

As little child he loved to catch small caterpillars to watch them grow and ultimately evolve into butterflies.



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My two favorite Pokèdex apps

Heyo Everyone,
i just wanted to share my two favorite pokèdex apps that i use for pokèmon go. Pocketdex and Poke Genie they are both really good apps to use. i just wanted to share these two apps with everyone. i hope everyone has a great Sunday and enjoys the rest of their weekend.

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Poke Genie

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I got 2 luckies in a row trading with my brother

I gave him a 2119cp dragonite for a 500 snorlax and 49 dragonite and I got both lucky :O what are the chances? Also, I've had a snorlax and dragonite spawn at my location in 1 week :)

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POPULAR Question.

Anyone old enough to remember Pikachu's obsession with ketchup?

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Top 3...Gen 1 Pokemon Aloha competitive killers.

From link cable to soon coming Sword and Shield I have been catchin em all. Here is my top 3 dogs that are crushing anyone I come across...discuss and enjoy!

Not too many fire types in aloha-dex and Arcanine has a sweet utility. Intimidate lowers an enemy’s attack, and stacks with cleaver switching. Great stats across the board...super high attack and special attack stats. Flare Blitz slices Ninetails, Celesteela, and Kartana like soft butter. Wild Charge dogs most if not all water types. Throw a sitrus berry on my boi and we are making moves. Arcanine is versatile with sicc stats and a pretty sweet ability.

Popular fairy types made my sludge poison useful. Dark type Muk turns a weakness to psychic into an immunity. Gluttony as an ability allows my boi to eat berries at higher health percentages. Put a Figy berry on my sludge boi and you’re not getting rid of him. You either need to lil mac him with a Tectonic Rage or take turns chipping at his health. Assuming you can take care of any ground types, Muk won’t leave unless you can wiggle enough to kill him off.

Snorlax has Gluttony and access to berries that heal half of its health once it falls below half health. 160 base health and 110 in both attack and special defense. My big boi defense is low, but he can shore that up by boosting with Curse. Where my boi really feeds you the trash is when he runs Recycle, which makes it so he can recover the use of an item, giving it multiple chances to heal back 50% health. After setting up a few rounds of this BS you will want to rage quit with confusion. Return or Frustration are attacks of choice but I’ll run High Horsepower or Crunch for coverage. Cant mess with my Gen 1 fat boi.

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I Just caught a Raikou

Heyo Everyone,
So i just opened up pokemon go on my iphone to complete my field research breakthroughs to get the box at the 7th breakthrough and the pokemon that appeared was Raikou to my surprise he's the second pokemon that is legendary to come to me through field breakthough research. The first legendary pokemon i caught through the field research was Entei which really made me super happy also if anyone would like to add me as a friend on pokemon go please feel free to do so my trainer code is on my bio and i will leave it down below too. I hope yall have a great day!
-Major Blade Out!

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According all spoofers

Please go to these cords: 35.662832,139.746362

And join the Gangar raid which is only up for 35:00 more minutes.

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Hatched 3 eggs

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I’ve been searching for weeks for a ditto in the mascoutah area. Please message me if you find one

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Anyone have a ditto?

Don't know if it is that rare or not

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just got a suicune

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2 egg hatches

i hatched 2 eggs and got 2 tyrogues and somehow got 69 candies and got a hitmonlee and hitmonchan with over 1400 cp on both from 2 tyrogues around 300cp

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Ahhhh finally worth getting out of the house

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Play any one pokemon go

I Play but when are you Doesnt play pokemon go.
Please give me you Account and i play it for you

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In the Pokédex bois

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So I had this game on mobile for awhile so I decided to show off my Pokémon

It’s a good game called My monsters pocket adventure it’s a iOS game not sure if it’s for android my strongest Pokémon is mew have to grind to get the others up there

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Add me

Who want my friend code

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Ok lol

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Do you have one?

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Who else is grinding the half walking distance for the new 2k eggs

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Wanna do trading

Well to bad if you did because I don’t have no stardust. Anyway the reason for this post is to ask a question. How do you get stardust fastly.

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