I got a shiny

LV.2 Lurker 2mo

First patrat caught, and it was shiny

LV.4 Creeper 2mo

Gamer Moment

I got myself a Flower Crown Eevee the other day. And it’s stats are perfectly balanced. As all things should be.

LV.17 Zelda 2mo


LV.13 Looking for teammates! 2mo

New shiny

LV.13 Looking for teammates! 2mo

99× pokeballs... Definitely caught that

LV.2 Lurker 2mo

Sirfetch'd 😮

Best leaked pokemon? 🤔

LV.25 Shadow 2mo

Insane Pokémon masters strategy

This strategy let’s you win every game!

Step 1: make your team look like this

Step 2: Make sure you have at least 3 moves on salamence and serperior, and all moves on pidgeot.

Step 3: use 2 X special attacks on serperior and and pidgeot. Then 2 smell ya laters on pidgeot.

Step 4: use air cutter on pidgeot until you get your sync move.

Step 5: use sync move on pidgeot.

Step 6: use hurricane on pidgeot, then time to energize on serperior. The hurricane should do 1200+ damage.

Step 7: repeat step 6 until time to energize runs out of pp.

Step 8: use hard to starboard on salamence (does the same as time to energize) and keep using hurricane.

Just do that for every fight and you should always win.

LV.26 Champion 2mo

I need ppl around Olympia, Wa area to do mewtwo raids, HMU

LV.20 Aaaah! 2mo

I wish I can do the Mewtwo 5star raids but I have no one to do it with me

LV.20 Aaaah! 2mo

How many have you caught

For me only 2

LV.15 Bloodhound Main 2mo

This my favorite shiny

LV.15 Bamboozled 2mo

Meet Sirfetch’d in Pokémon Sword! ⚔️

“🚨 New Pokémon Discovered! 🚨

Meet Sirfetch’d, the Wild Duck Pokémon! Farfetch’d that inhabit the Galar region can evolve into Sirfetch’d after experiencing many battles.”


verified LV.32 Mod 2mo

So happy when I got this

LV.15 Bamboozled 2mo

Any one have these?

LV.15 Bamboozled 2mo



LV.15 Bloodhound Main 2mo

Does anyone now Popular places to spoof for mewtwo raids?

LV.14 Professional Noob 2mo

Love Community Day.

Add me, let's be friends! (Check my bio)

LV.22 Fast as Lightning 2mo

I have so many shiny pokemon

LV.15 Bamboozled 2mo

Ash (Finally) Won in a Pokémon League

“Perennial loser Ash Ketchum is now a winner. In the most recent episode of the Pokémon Sun Moon anime, Ash broke his losing streak with a championship trophy.

For decades, Ash has lost in pivotal league championship matches. In 2016, he lost in a heartbreaker during the Kalos League finals in the Pokémon XYZ anime. But now, he is Alola’s current reigning champ.”


verified LV.32 Mod 2mo

Pokémon master's story is too ez

I've completed the whole story under a week
:Too Ez

LV.24 Fearless 2mo

The world of Pokémon GO expands with Pokémon originally discovered in the Unova region!


Over three years ago, your Pokémon GO journey started with Pokémon originally discovered in the Kanto region, and you’ve gone on to encounter hundreds of Pokémon first encountered in the Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh regions as you’ve battled, raided, and completed research. It’s almost time to continue your journey and encounter Pokémon originally discovered in the Unova region! Get ready to meet new friends and encounter Pokémon featured in Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version, appearing in Pokémon GO later today!

✨ Features ✨

• Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Patrat, Lillipup, Purrloin, Pidove, Blitzle, and more Pokémon originally discovered in the Unova region will be appearing in the wild.

• Spark has been hard at work walking and incubating Eggs for his research and has found that the following Pokémon have started hatching from Eggs!
🥚 - 2 km Eggs: Patrat, Lillipup, Purrloin, Pidove
🥚 - 5 km Eggs: Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Blitzle, Drilbur, Foongus
🥚 - 10 km Eggs: Ferroseed, Klink, Litwick, Golett, Deino

• After tackling dozens of raids head on, Candela has discovered that Lillipup, Patrat, and Klink will be available to challenge in raids! Please note, Trainers, that Klink hasn’t been reported appearing in the wild outside raids.
• Following some travel and meticulous research, Blanche reports that there are some Pokémon that only seem to be appearing in the wild in certain parts of the world! Join us in welcoming them!
🌿 Asia-Pacific: Pansage, the Grass Monkey Pokémon
🔥 Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India: Pansear, the High Temp Pokémon
💦 The Americas and Greenland: Panpour, the Spray Pokémon
💥 Western hemisphere: Heatmor, the Anteater Pokémon
🐜 Eastern hemisphere: Durant, the Iron Ant Pokémon

• If you’re lucky, you may encounter Shiny Patrat and Shiny Lillipup!

• Introducing the Unova Stone! This black-and-white Evolutionary item will allow certain Pokémon to evolve. Try using it on a Pokémon like Lampent, and see what happens! This item can be obtained from Research Breakthroughs.

More Pokémon originally discovered in the Unova region will be making their way to Pokémon GO as Professor Willow shares more updates from his findings, so look forward to meeting them soon. C’mon, Trainer—let’s GO on this Unova voyage together!

—The Pokémon GO team”


Trailer Link:

Infographics from

verified LV.32 Mod 2mo

Is this weird? ?????????? I found these at my house

LV.9 Wolf 2mo

When does next Pokémon game come out

LV.21 Clearly Hacking 2mo

Small flex

LV.5 Lurker 2mo


LV.4 Lurker 2mo

96 iv

It’s glorious

LV.14 Professional Noob 2mo

3rd shiny week!

LV.15 Bamboozled 2mo

Oh yeah

LV.15 Bamboozled 2mo


LV.14 Big Chungus 2mo