Favorite legendary Pomemon from each region?

What is your favorite legendary Pokemon from each region??
Mine is this:
Kanto: Zapdos
Johto: Suicune
Hoenn: Rayquaza
Sinnoh: Giratina or Darkrai
Unova: Kyurem
Kalos: Yveltal
Alola: Solgaleo

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Favorite region?

Whats your favorite region?
Mine is probably Kanto because some of my favorite Pokemon are in that region and the anime was good for that region.

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What is your favorite Pokémon?

Just saw Detective Pikachu and Wanted to know everyone’s favorite Pokémon. Mine is Togepi because he is a psychic type and is just adorable!


I love this game

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Who do you think is the best pvp great league Pokémon?

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POPULAR Finally caught a Charizard

Heyo Everyone,

I just wanted to say i am really am excited to share this with everyone. I finally caught a charizard it makes me super excited about it because i have been trying to get one for a long time and one just appeared one day while i was out for a walk. Anyone i just wanted to say i hope everyone has a great day today and i hope everyone enjoys there mother's day today as well.

-Major Blade Out!

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Detective Pikachu Spoilers!!!

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POPULAR I got it!!!

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Detective pikachu

It was ok I guess. I got free Pokémon cards so that’s a bonus. Just the only thing that I hate is that, MEWTWO WAS A GUY!! Mewtwo was never a guy. In all the other Pokémon movies, mewtwo was female

Edit: I’m dumb. Mega mewtwo Y is female

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I need more poké balls

I ran out of poké balls add me and send me gifts plz 4430 0442 7406

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Got a detective with a detective

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Hey ! How can we catch detective pikachu plz ?

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Need Ditto?

❌ Event has ended! ❌
During the Detective Pikachu event, a research reward gives you a chance to catch a Ditto - albeit disguised as a Zubat. So, spin your PokéStops and look for this field research: Detective Pikachu: Catch 10 Jigglypuff, Aipom, or Snubbull.

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What’s your favourite Pokemon and why? Mine is Flareon because they’re super cute and firey

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This is to much photobombing!

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I am so in love with this plushy!!! He's so adorable!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

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How dO you DO???

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Teletubies pink

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Lol this made me happy

Got a good lvl today

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My Catches Today Highlights

I caught all gen 1 starters except Pikachu.
I have caught 3 bulbasaur, 3 charmander, and 2 squirrels, along with 3 treeckos all today. Lol
I had a 4th charmander because starter pick but I transferred him. But overall. Good catches.

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To everyone who cares

I'm back I needed some time off to do some stuff but now I'm back and ready to post more memes.

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First Regice

Hey I just got my first Regice in Pokemon go! Does anyone else know what legendaries are in the weekly boxes?

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From what pokemon is this a part?

1. No cheating
2. Only one guess

Good luck👍

Inspired by "Guess the opperator" from hybrid (thanks😄)

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Caught detective pikachu today

Caught detective pikachu today it is a fun event

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Just got Latias from Research Crate

Heyo Everyone,

Im super happy to share this with everyone i just got Latias out of a research crate from finishing a weeks worth of research tasks and i cant even believe he came out of the crate. Im super happy i was able to get him from the research crate and im super happy to share this with everyone.

Anyways i hope that y'all are having a great Wednesday and i hope y'all are doing good. I shall catch y'all in my next post and i can't wait!

-Major Blade Out!

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I've got three wild ones so far (this one had the best IV)

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Pokemon Sun & Moon

Anyone play pokemon sun & moon?? I'm kinda a low level :((( 💕

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Just caught this and I'm super excited

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I just caught a Detective Pikachu!!!

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