I just started back into the game

Does anyone have any good strategies to get good, and catch some good pokemon, or just get better pokeballs in general? Thanks!
-random nice kid

LV.2 Lurker 16d

Pokemon fans are frustrated because of so less pokemon

From flying get player, it's almost confirmed that Pokemon SWSH will have only about 400 pokemons in Pokedex, which is like 4th Gen. amount.
People are complaining that why their favorite pokemons should be removed from the game without any reason.
But well, SWSH is still on the top of pre-ordered ranking on Amazon, etc. Seems like it won't get better in the next series as well.

verified LV.23 Trick or Treat! 17d

Anyone round Hull that play Pokemon Go?

new friends to just play pokemon go and probably do that new Cobalion raid thats coming out.

LV.2 Lurker 17d

Something about ash...

I think that ash could be in coma becuase if you think about ash never grew up he thinks he still 12 if you think clearly ash is 100% in coma and the only thing he remebers is his mother, brok ,misty because brok and misty are his friends in real life

Well i just saying it could be theory

LV.20 Switch 18d


Washington Indiana Christ united Methodist church let’s go plez

LV.4 Lurker 18d

Toke me forever but I found them


LV.6 Mob 19d

I got all the Regis and a little surprise yesterday

LV.21 Insomniac 19d

Wasn’t trying for these to happen ~ They Just Did

Hatched a Golett without trying, it just happened to be in the egg.
Caught two Swinubs , they were a little picky with staying inside the Balls.
Couldn’t resist renaming the Pokémon that I did rename.

Evolved a Geodude, that thing in its Graveler stage looks like a Ball with Arms.
Evolved a Spheal and it looks pretty odd too.
Had to rename one of my Pokémon “P Sherman 42” .
Caught an Aron and had to rename it to Aroaded as a joke.
Caught a Paras, they used to infest my inventory on one of my previous teams. Though, had to rename it Parasocrates as a joke.
Caught a Magnemite and had to rename it Magnetduck as a joke.
Wasn’t looking for a Sandshrew, the little one was a reward. Renamed it eventually.

Shellos has been taunting me, but unfortunately ran out of and lost all of my Balls so now it’s hunting me.
Skitty was taunting me, but I finally caught one and of course it had to be renamed.

Couldn’t resist the third row of names in my inventory. I had to go and basically have it say: “Oh Shit! What are we gonna do now?”

Mankey always has that type of face and it was pretty funny as a set of words. The pic is the best I could do. Leveled up this afternoon and recently ran out of Balls, so now Here we come Super High Levels. #ShellosShallBeMine #PokemonNamingGoofs #PokemonareHuntingMe

LV.21 Supersonic 19d

Letssss gooooo!

Best 8 bucks spent

LV.25 Try Hard 20d

Here we gooooo!

LV.25 Try Hard 20d

Let go

LV.3 Lurker 20d

Regigigas discovery!

Gonna get this thick monster of a Pokémon soon!

LV.25 Try Hard 20d

I woke up this morning and caught this

LV.6 PlayStation 20d

My Haul from the Halloween event!

That 2x candy came in handy so much I got a lot of new pokemon in my Dex during the event. Feel free to add me! Hmu and I'll send you my FC

LV.22 Fast as Lightning 20d

Catching Ditto Challenge!

I just unlocked the catch ditto challenge but ive
already got one so can i transfer and complete it or do i have to catch new one?

LV.2 Lurker 21d

Spooky Season Pikachu!

I finally found one after searching for so long! He may not be a high level but I'm still happy I finally found one!

LV.3 Let’s Party! 21d

All my lucky

LV.3 Lurker 22d

All my shiny

LV.3 Lurker 22d

Pokemon list who survived in 8th Gen.

This is not a full list.
Give me back my Metagross.

verified LV.23 Trick or Treat! 24d

Went Pokémoning

This last weekend was good, for the most part. I spent it Pokémoning/Pokémon hunting and now all out of balls.

Anyway, I decided to rename Chikorita to Bulería as I thought it was a goofy name for it. As for the Drifloon, I was just trying to think of a Halloween TV show character that has a great name that the Drifloon would fit.

LV.21 Supersonic 25d

POPULAR Some things I got today

I'd like to ask, should I post these highlights of my catches more? Maybe do weekly ones or random days of playing? Vote!

#CatchOfTheDay #CatchOfTheWeek #PokemonGo

(I can't do it daily, since I don't drive and I usually walk around town to play, sometimes I just don't want to walk.)

First, I got my second shiny! (Research Breakthrough Award)

I also caught a wild Illumise, with completely maxed stats! (my first maxed Pokemon)

And, I cought a wild Alola Rattata!

LV.26 Super Star 25d

Got this guy today

It just jumped out I'm really glad cause I got a pink dragonair

LV.12 Chief 25d

I am done!

Done with this fucking game!!>:\
22 egg slots and still no 10k eggs. Wtf is this bullshit fuck this game

LV.15 Gym Leader 25d

Add me

Let's be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 1532 3609 9965!

LV.3 Lurker 25d


Im jokin...STOP😂

LV.25 Shadow 1mo

My (shiny + alola) and my (strong/rare) Plz take ur time and read :)

I don't know how to do this so Im just going to mass post these

LV.6 Nomad 1mo

Got me a Shiny Banette from the Spooky Special

I love the colouring. Add me I always like adding people and sharing gifts! FC - 5425 0465 5670

LV.22 Fast as Lightning 1mo

How do you know the difference beetween the number on pokemon

Like your pokemon has a number next to it like 90 e.t.c

LV.3 Lurker 1mo

I got two in one day

LV.3 Lurker 1mo

Few things I did today on Pokemon Go.

Caught my first shiny!

Grabbed a bunch of Pikachus (not all from today)

Also, did a few evolutions.

(Don't mind the random A's. I just put those to remind me of my best Pokemon.)

LV.26 Super Star 1mo