Shiny Moltres

LV.3 Lurker 19d


took me 9 hours but I finally finished all the missions the game had to offer. Saving these 6000 gems for Red instead of summoning now.

LV.3 Insomniac 19d

Guyssss Pokémon master is hereee

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A Shiny Eevee

LV.3 Lurker 20d

POPULAR Hello Mooters this is my first post on moot

LV.3 Lurker 20d

The luck continues

Didnt get any shiny pokemon lately, but I did score a perfect self during the raid hour 😁

LV.3 Lurker 20d

Let's go team Instinct Pokemon go

I'm asking if those nearby or in Bandera Texas can help me and my mom out we can conquer but not control a gym for long my mother and I are part of team Instinct but also I'm also asking for even the other teams to come by bandera as well (if any teams can) and my mom is a bit completive and strong but I'm the master mind anyways if u want to battle or come to hang out that would be awesome any age is welcomed. Come by anytime u desire if y'all want we can all meet up at a specific time at Sunday. I hope we will meet and fyi I'm Jackalzeinsane and my mom is Staremelylac

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New sharpedo

He is really strong

LV.15 Bloodhound Main 20d

The new great league squad

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You freaking kidding me 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

LV.9 You're a Bot 21d

I didn’t have any pokéballs

LV.9 You're a Bot 21d

Well that sucks

LV.9 You're a Bot 21d


Who's in or near frederick that's tryna chill and play some pokemon go? I wanna try and make new friends so it's not as boring

LV.2 Lurker 21d

Looks familiar

Working on a house atm and spotted this space hopper in the garden that looks a lot like Wobbuffet, you guys see/have anything that looks like a Pokemon?

LV.7 Nomad 21d

Ditto IV 100

Just found out that my ditto has IV 100!Am I the only one here or is this a common thing?

LV.8 Professional Noob 22d


I like Pokémon

LV.4 Lurker 22d

Who’s ready for Pokemon Masters?!

LV.20 Team Player 22d

100 IV snorunt

LV.11 Shadow 22d

Anyone have a spare ditto

I need a ditto any of these will be yours

LV.15 Bloodhound Main 22d

Turtwig and other details confirmed for Pokemon Go Community Day

Turtwig has been confirmed as the headliner for the Pokemon Go September Communitu Day. The grass-type starter is the first Gen 4 Pokemon to headline a community day.
Niantic have also confirmed that three-hour lures will be active and 3x catch stardust will be the other bonus. As usual, the exclusive move has yet to be revealed.
When is the September Community Day?
It will take place on Sunday, September 15, at 11am local time. This is a continuation of recent community days which have received favorable feedback from trainers.
Back in April, Niantic took the unprecedented step of announcing the dates of four community days in advance. These were for May, June, July and August.
A long-term complaint from Pokemon Go trainers had been the lack of notice to prepare for the monthly events, with Niantic letting fans know less than a month in advance.
Trainers appreciated the longer-term planning and it appears they have once again listened to fans. Niantic have revealed the remaining Pokemon Go community days for 2019, so you will be able to book time off work, plan a day out or do whatever you need to do to participate.
Who will headline?
At this point, most know the Pokemon Go pattern for determining headliners - they alternate between starter and non-starter Pokemon. This is a trend that has been present ever since community days were introduced in January 2018.
Ralts is a non-starter Pokemon, of course. This means if the pattern continues then we'll have a starter-Pokemon headlining August. Mudkip headlined in July which is the last of the Gen 3 starters.
Presumably this means we move on to Gen 4 and as previous community days have indicated it is the grass-type that goes first, that or it is done by Pokedex number. In all generations to date, the Pokedex entry order has gone grass, fire and then water - so it is unknown which Niantic use to determine the order.
The Gen 4 grass-type starter is Turtwig and it will be the firm favorite to headline in September. Update: As suspected, this has now been confirmed.
Turtwig to Torterra
Turtwig eventually evolves into Torterra but the dual grass and ground-type isn't particularly strong. This will likely see a powerful exclusive move introduced to give it some relevance in the Pokemon Go meta.

LV.22 S 23d

I wasn’t paying attention and I panicked

LV.5 Pokémon Master 23d

I found this today at raging waters omg 😮

LV.9 Let’s play Fortnite! 23d

Caught my first legendary pokemon

LV.5 Lurker 23d

Caught my first shiny but it sucks

Anyone want to trade

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Caught this at my house (shiny bulbasaur

LV.17 Made in America 24d

Eeeee!!! Pika Pika!! Pikachu Is Awesome

At first, I used to think that Detective Pikachu was stupid and not actually worthwhile watching and that it didn’t make any sense to even watch to begin with. However, I watched Detective Pikachu last night and it was fun and amazing and fabulous and great. It’s cool to see the Pokémon in live action. They’re amazing. It’s like watching Heaven or childhood. It’s worth watching though.

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LV.8 Epic 25d

Poor Bulbasaur

LV.21 S 25d

Best way to get shine pokemon

Hey there guys I'm not the best at shiny training but does anyone have any tips?

LV.4 Lurker 25d