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Feb 16, 2021, 08:15 AM 450 read

I'm pokemon master, but at what cost? Goodbye Pokemon Lounge...✌️

I want to be the very best, that no one ever was, to catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause... Back then when I say the first ever episode of pokemon was where my love for the franchise beginning... Man, this lounges existed since the beginning of moot I was in this lounge this lounge look at the post and the art... Even though I stop playing Pokemon Go, there was an issue with people sending friend codes in the wrong section... Besides less people coming to the lounge, the lounge kinda went downhill for several reasons... One, they removed a popular section which was about Pokemon art... There was so many artist that drew pokemon art that section was very popular but then they got rid of it for no explanation, yes you can still post your pokemon art, but that section didn't deserve to be removed along with the art that was there... Two, No badges for this lounge... This lounge existed before R6 and they decided to make a badge for every R6 operator(58) which is complete bs because they could of made pokemon badges out of the pokeball or any of the popular pokemon, they decided only add pokemon theme titles and a trading system which is rarely used... With the fan base this company had this lounge had potential, but they neglected this lounge weeks after sword and shield release... 20+ years I seen the shows and played the games... I'm definitely not a die-hard fan like others, I like this franchise, I was able to be pokemon master in sword, but I definitely wasted the opportunity to collect all the pokemon from shield... Should out those that help this lounge thrive whether you drawing, trading pokemon, or just interacting in the lounge more should of been done for this lounge... I'll definitely miss this lounge for sure, Goodbye Pokemon Lounge...✌️

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