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Corpse Weaver - Shuckle

Before I start this post, I want to thank The Pokémon Writer's Club new researcher, "E Boy A$$asin8u" (Will be referred to as N8/Nate) for his great work on this. Make sure to drop him a follow, and with that let's rediscover Shuckle. DICTIONARY: Carapace - the top half of a tortoise/turtle shell. Endolith - an organism (archaeon, bacterium, fungus, lichen, algae or amoeba) that lives inside rock, coral, animal shells, or in the pores between mineral grains of a rock. Mold - a hollow container Monicker - nickname or title Symbiotic - a relationship in which one or both parties benefit.

Pokemon: General - Corpse Weaver - Shuckle image 2

GIF: Shuckle Gang defeating Team Rocket. Shuckle, the mold Pokémon. It's monicker would imply that the Shucklord isn't actually part of the shell it resides in. As 'N8' pointed out, Shuckle is based primarily on two things — one of which is the red foot tortoise. Now, if you look at the red footed tortoise you'll see that the only real similarities are the carapace shape and colour but as a fictional kids TV show, Pokémon are often drawn to appear more cute or cool. So take this image with a grain of salt.

Pokemon: General - Corpse Weaver - Shuckle image 4

Image: Red-Footed Tortoise. Note the yellowish body, the way it's carapace spikes out like Shuckle's and the white dots in the center of each segment. These are the three features that make Shuckle stand out as the inhabitant of a Red-Footed Tortoise. Though that leaves us with even more questions, like "What is Shuckle if it's not attached to the shell?" and "Who did the shell belong to?"

Pokemon: General - Corpse Weaver - Shuckle image 6

Image: BlasTOISE is a turTOISE. And Shuckle wears a tortoise shell? Hmmm. I hope it's a symbiotic relationship. Thank you N8 for this next bit of info as well; Shuckle itself is a endolith. Endoliths are a parasitic type of organism that usually dwell in rocks but can also make homes in animal shells. Wait a minute... Parasites, just like Shuckle's bug typing... Makes it's home in rocks & shells, just like Shuckle's rock typing.

Pokemon: General - Corpse Weaver - Shuckle image 8

Image: An endolith just chilling with the mineral homies. It's very unlikely that you've never seen an endolith before as they come in all shapes and sizes. If you own a fish tank, you've seen it. If you've been to a beach, or mining, a museum, etc. You have more than likely encountered an endolith, they can take on the form of algae or even amoeba — a one celled organism. So the next time you see an endolith living in the shell of a tortoise, knocking back Berry juice, just remember...

Pokemon: General - Corpse Weaver - Shuckle image 10

Image: God demonstrates that the shell is for OUR safety. Thanks again to "E Boy A$$asin8u" for the quality research, you're the MVP! If you enjoyed the article, please make sure to check him out and leave a like and/or comment.

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