Crystalet LV.29 Zelda
Nov 24, 2020, 06:29 AM 48 read


So there I am shiny hunting igglybuff because I want/need jigglypuff and as I’m laboriously hatching eggs I’m wonder trading all my spare once and by complete chances March wondertrades me an igglybuff. And I’m thinking huh maybe I’ve already traded with this guy but I’m then I see it’s in a repeat ball and mine are in love balls so I thought nothing of it until I went to wondertrade it again and what do you know, it’s a shiny igglybuff and because they look so similar I didn’t even notice. Plus it’s not hacked because it was caught in a raid at lvl 19 which it is now and it has the same OT as the guy who wondertraded it to me. But I’m still hunting because I want a love ball one and because I’m very stubborn.

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