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Taking Advantage of Pokemon Go Fest Make-Up Day

Thanks to a technical hitch on the day of the event, Pokemon Go will be seeing a make-up day on August 16th (11 am - 2 pm) for a portion of it’s 2020 Fest for anyone who had already purchased tickets for it. While it may have been annoying at the time to have these issues crop up, now players will be able to participate in parts of the event with all the knowledge of how to take advantage of the bonuses. Let’s go over what will be included in the make-up day and how you can make the most out of your time.  

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  There will be 3 habitats reappearing, each for a 1-hour time slot. The first of these is Fire, which will show an increased amount of the following Pokemon in the wild:   - Charmander - Charizard - Vulpix - Ponyta - Marowak (Alola) - Magmar - Flareon - Houndour - Torchic - Numel - Tepig - Darumaka - Litwick - Heatmor   Additionally, if you catch 20+ Fire Pokemon during the event, you should get 1000 XP and a special Charizard encounter.  

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  Next is Water, which will work similarly, with the following Pokemon appearing in large volumes:   - Squirtle - Poliwag - Tentacool - Slowpoke - Magikarp - Vaporeon - Chinchou - Qwilfish - Mudkip - Carvanha - Clamperl - Oshawott - Tympole - Alomomola   Catching 20 Water Pokemon should net you 1000 XP and a Blastoise encounter.   The Friendship biome, though, works a little differently. Sure, you’ll still see a bunch of Pokemon for that specific typology, but it also improves the gifts you both give and receive during this time. You should definitely save up some gifts to send to your friends during this time period and consider saving some gifts to open until this hour sets in.  

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  Additionally, once you send a gift, you should receive a bonus to your gameplay for that hour. So send a gift and wait until you receive a notice letting you know your bonus before opening any gifts you’ve received, as it can make a world of difference. Some gifts could even hold Rare Candy!   The Friendship Pokemon you’ll see are:   - Pikachu - Clefairy - Jigglypuff - Chansey - Eevee - Snorlax - Togetic - Marill - Sudowoodo - Wobbuffet - Mantine - Roselia - Feebas - Woobat - Chimecho   Lastly, make sure you open your free gift at some point during the day. Niantic will be giving players 2 Incense and 2 Remote Raid Passes.   How will you be prepping for the make-up event? Let us know your plans down below!

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