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How to Get the Perfect Pokemon Go Throws

Excellent Pokeball throws have always been a challenge in Pokemon Go, but nothing I was super concerned with due to how there was never really a big reason for me to do it. Sure, it’s satisfying to do when you pull it off, but I didn’t have motivation or reason to strive for it before. Now with the Skill Challenge of getting 50 excellent throws, however, I find myself looking for ways to hone my abilities and work at overcoming this daunting task. From what I’ve seen online, many users feel similarly, with players looking for shortcuts or means of achieving this goal with a little less effort than may normally be expected. So let’s take a look at a few ways to give you the edge when striving to be the best that ever was at Pokeball tosses.  

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  First thing’s first; practice will always make you a better player. I know that seems silly to say, but the more you play Pokemon Go, the better you’ll be at gauging the distance, trajectory, and movements of your targets, making it all the easier to make excellent throws consistently.   Of course, not everyone has the luxury of so much time, so let’s consider another factor; your targets. Pokemon all have different movements to try and avoid your attacks, but more importantly, some Pokemon have bigger hitboxes than others. Ponyta, Slowpoke, and Snorlax all have large hit circles and smaller dodging patterns, making them much easier to practice on and get those excellent throws in place.  

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  Legendaries can also be very strong targets for this, as they tend to be rewarded for tasks, and thus have bigger hitboxes and smaller movements to better ensure that players will catch them. Additionally, some Legendary encounters will give you infinite balls, meaning you can take all the time in the world to practice.   In this same line of thinking, for this challenge, you don’t really need to catch the Pokemon you go after, far from it. Rather, you can just toss balls at them, and as long as the throws are excellent, you’re racking up progress. For that reason, using standard Pokeballs rather than anything more powerful may be to your benefit, giving you the chance to grind on a particularly prime Pokemon.   Lastly, consider what berries you’re bringing with you to use. A lot of folks enjoy having some razz berries, as they increase your catch chances, but again, you’re not looking to necessarily catch these Pokemon. Nanab berries, however, are going to slow things down in a way that will give you an edge on getting those perfect throws, a huge boon in your favor.  

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  No matter how you slice it, this will be a challenge for folks to complete; that’s why it’s called a “challenge.” But if you work at it and get your head in the game, I’m sure you’ll have a great shot at getting those excellent throws in no time. What other tips or tricks would you recommend? Let me know your most successful techniques down below!

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