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Remember when I said I was gonna remake Zavatrana's evolution line?well I'm remaking Zavatrana New with a new name and Dex thing.....Kojosu will be it's new name which is basically the japanese words for plant and heal,soo if you cant say that name just...make something up.....anyways that's the only new thing and the dex entry...and the design...speaking of that I thought it turned out worst than the original....but whatever i think it might be cuz its smaller or less cute or cuz i colored it...but yeah....anything else is the same...I think.... also sorry if it's kind of blurry again.... Dusk: deep within the forests of the Lemuragascar region....Lives this happy pokemon said to bring luck to those who finds it... Twilight: There is a story told to children in which this pokemon was said to heal and grow crops,in this way...it saved a small village from starvation and healed those with minor wounds. Type:Grass/Fairy Stats: Atk.:23 Sp.Atk:35 Def:23 Sp.Def:26 Speed:47 Ability:Overgrow Hidden Ability:Aromatic Devine. Contact with the Pokemon will cause confusion or sleep. Evolves at Level 16 Moves:Charm,Absorb,Disarming Voice,Pound,Growl and Screech

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