Lord Marshadow Lord Marshadow LV.9 I’m the champion!
Jun 1, 2020, 09:14 PM 16 read

Winners be sure to claim your reward

#NewMooter   Charizard Dragon   Blastoise GrammerNazi   Venusaur UnknownHuman   Raichu Dragon   Dugtrio Sir ShinesALot GrammerNazi   Snorlax Dragon   Rapidash GrammerNazi   Weezing MeltanMaster   Flareon Aliteral Llama   Vaporeon Sir Shines A Lot   Jolteon Ancient_MewMaster   G-MAX Meowth Ancient_MewMaster BONUS MeltanMaster   G-MAX Eevee MeltanMaster Dragon   G-MAX Pikachu GrammerNazi G-MAX Charizard GrammerNazi   G-MAX Butterfree Ancient_MewMaster   Ninetales GrammerNazi   Hitmonchan ALiteral Llama   Hitmonlee UnknownHuman   Mew MeltanMaster   BONUS BIG WINNERS Two winners with the most wins   Lapras Dragon   Gyarados MeltanMaster   Private message me for your reward I will be available now-12 and 6-8 and same time tomorrow

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