Kati (T.H.U.C.) LV.21 S
May 31, 2020, 08:31 PM 26 read

My favourite Pokémon (SO FAR)

No.5 The Litten Line Even though I started in Gen 2 I started to fall in love with Pokemon at Gen 7. Ultra Sun was the best. I loved cats and when I collected it was a female so I named it Pamuk, after my Dad’s old cat. No.4 Mega Blaziken Bruh there isn’t much to say. A Speedy Fire type starter that has a Mega Form and looks sick when it’s Shiny Mega Form. Speed Boost makes it all better with a Swords Dance set. No.3 Lycanroc Dusk Lycanroc has to be the best out of all of them. It’s design between Midday and Midnight Forms is amazing. Midday is the best for matching Rockruff but Midnight would be the middle because It’s sick. No.2 Zeraora Just an all around fantastic Pokémon. Take an Electric Type (Favourite Typing) and put it onto an already cool Pokémon makes it so much better. The tail, arms, legs, everything is so sick! I have shiny Pokemon ready on USUM for Zeraora trades so hmu. No.1 Mew It’s just an all around cute ass Pokemon and with it’s infinite movesets and equal stats you could easily turn it from a Physical Attacker to a Special Attacker with just a Few EVs Honourable Mention Zacian/Zamazenta I like the Origin forms (not Rusted Sword/Shield Form) but all are very nice! When I get SWSH I would definitely trade to get it in a heartbeat.

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