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If I were a pokemon Gym Leader

If I were a pokemon gym leader,I would prefer to be a psychic type,Psychic type pokemon are pretty cool and it's actually my favorite type now so there's that.....Anyways,I am going to go off as being the last gym leader to face off just so I'm not limited to many things...so here's my Character and what I'd wish it would be lol.... So my character would be a Descendant to an Aura Guardian,since most psychic type trainers seem to have a connection with Psychic abilities like Telekinesis and,telepathy I think....I would try to mix that in with my own character,a user of aura,also itll have weak telekinetic abilities but that's for something else....it would have a character related to other aura guardians and users and...whatever...but also develop a character of it's own like a psychotic murderer,except it wouldn't be that it would just be a boy who just doesnt care about much and will ignore things he doesnt care about.....anyways onto the pokemon My first pokemon would be a Gallade,I like Gallade,its a psychic fighter and it's basically the knight of the team...Its Moves would be Swords Dance,Thunder Punch,Facade,and Close Combat...Swords Dance for Powering Up its physical moves faster,Thunder Punch to deal with flying types,and that's all the coverage it gets,Facade incase it gets a status condition wow how unique,and close combat for no reason,just,stab move I guess.... Next Would Be Gardevoir,This is just here cuz I couldn't find a Grass Psychic type for a thing I was gonna do,so its just here because of that,also to complete the duo lol,It will Have Shadow Ball,Thunderbolt,Attract,and Dazzling Gleam,Shadowball to deal with Ghost Types,Thunderbolt for no reason,Attract just to deal with strong male pokemon,and Dazzling Gleam for stab and no reason... Next,Delphox....Delphox is a pretty cool pokemon,I like it...so its here,its Moves will be Mystical Fire,Signal Beam,Hypnosis,and Solar Beam...Mystical Fire just for no reason,also to lower it getting hit by big damage dealing special moves,Signal Beam to deal with Dark Types,Hypnosis to atleast have some annoying advantage,and Solar Beam to deal with rock,ground,and water types.... 4th pokemon,Slowbro,Slowbro is here to deal with nothing,this entire team is literally just psychic types......Anyways,Slowbro would have Earthquake,Thunder wave,Surf,and Psychic...Earthquake to deal with electric types,thunder wave incase of something idk,Surf and Psychic for stab...lol 5th Pokemon is Metagross,what a shocker right?you may think this will be my ace but it's not,you have been bamboozled!!its here cuz it's my favorite pokemon....also it's a frickin pseudo legendary lmao....Moves are Meteor Mash,Earthquake,Brick Break,and Psychic,Meteor Mash for some damage and stuff,Earthquake for Fire types,Brick Break for dark types,and psychic for Damage and finally,my ace,you know how I said this entire team would be psychic types?well this last one isnt,cuz my Ace and final pokemon,is Mega Lucario,yes it's amazing and it's starting to grow on me,its cool and I like it,moving on....Its moves will be Aura Sphere,Flash Canon,Rockslide and Psychic,Aura Sphere and Flash canon for something I dont remember,also for stab boost,Rockslide for Fire types,and Psychic for Fighting types,and nothing to deal with groud cuz fuck them....anyways that's it!!that's me as a gym leader!!!that was long...wow Edit:I just remembered Exeggutor was a Grass Psychic,I guess I could've had a Grass Dragon too....but idk I'm gonna stick to Gardevoir for a while...

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  • UnknownHuman LV.19 Pokémon Master May 28, 2020, 08:15 AM

    btw I was gonna originally have some diversity By adding a Malamar,maybe a Trenevant or a Single type pokemon instead of dual types with psychic but I didnt so yeah