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Galar Meltan and MelMetal

Pokemon: General - Galar Meltan and MelMetal image 1

Galar Meltan and MelMetal Galarian Meltan Steel/Fire Sword: It attacks by heating its self up to extreme temperatures, up to 2500 Degrees Celsius, and run up to its enemy and burns them with its hex nut head, it also has a very durable body as it doesn’t Melt when it gets up to these high temperatures Sheild: When it’s enemy tries to attack it will try and burn the skin of its enemy, back in mid-evil times of Galar kings used this as a way to torcher prisoners into confessing, this is now outlawed in Galar but some still use RHIS method of torcher illegally Galarian MelMetal: Steel/Fire Sword: Now that Meltan has evolved into MelMetal it’s fist now heat up to 10000 degrees Celsius and will have its opponents fly into space occasionally and at least that will heal its burn... but then it’s enemy will sometimes launch into distant planets and stay there and suffer. Shield: The hex nut in the middle of its chest is the source of all of its Fire energy, some people will try and knock it out so they can get its fire hex nut but there is no way to get it out of its chest without burning your hand or anything else you try to get it out with.

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