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Best Elite Fast TM in Pokemon GO

The Elite Fast TM in Pokemon Go allows players to select the specific legacy fast move they want the absolute best Pokemon to learn.   Pokemon GO blew up in the Summer of 2016 when the game launched. The monster collecting title has since maintained much of its popularity, and also formed a strong competitive aspect with Battle League and head to head. Having the strongest Pokemon with the best movesets is something that many players enjoy.   One of the most helpful ways to be competitive in Pokemon GO is to have the best fast moves, or TMs. Pokemon who can take down enemies with fast and powerful moves can often be the difference between victory and defeat.   10 Pokemon To Use Fast Elite TM YouTuber PogoKieng has put together a list of 10 Pokemon that are excellent choices for the usage of the Fast Elite TM. PogoKieng combined rarity and best Pokemon to use in Battle League to come up with the list of Pokemon that would benefit from the Fast Elite TM.   Graveler - Legacy move Mud Shot   Muk - Legacy move Lick   Beedrill - Legacy move Bug Bite   Weepinbell - Legacy move Razor Leaf   Pidgeot - Legacy move Wing Attack   Charizard - Legacy move Wing Attack   Zapdos - Legacy move Thunder Shock   Feraligator - Legacy move Water Gun   Dugong - Legacy move Ice Shard

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