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May 19, 2020, 06:02 AM 14 read

Soo,this is Silvennah,The Healing Pokemon

This is Silvennah,the evolution that may or may not be its 1st evolution in my series of pokemon I have decided to call Pokemon Twilight and Pokemon Dusk....I have a question about it for you guys but I'll get that until the end. Pokedex:Its calm nature makes it a great therapy pokemon,although if it sees anything harming the way of nature,it will curse them for 100 years. It is said that the forests of [Insert region name here] were grown by this Magical Pokemon Stats: I wont reveal them yet until I have decided which evolution this one is because i cant tell whether its 1st or 2nd Ability:Overgrow Hidden:Healing Devine(I might have to check) Evolve:evolves from Zavatrana at either level 16 or 35 Okay,so,does this look like a 1st evolution or 2nd?I cant tell

Pokemon: General - Soo,this is Silvennah,The Healing Pokemon image 2

its blurry I know

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