Shadonai (Crobat's) Shadonai (Crobat's) LV.20 Dream Chaser
May 18, 2020, 11:06 PM 61 read


Hey guys, so today is the last day to claim your winnings from the two previous giveaways. We are VERY close to 500 followers (475 as of the time of this writing) so I need to finish delivering the other prizes to be ready to deliver these new ones asap. If you have already messaged me and I haven't messaged back yet please message me again, I might have missed it! Thank you so much!   EDIT: Here is the list of who I need to hear from   28. amato (shiny zekrom, and shiny rhyhorn) 29. Joshua C (Shiny Jirachi) 30. True Issue (Zeraora) 31. Tyrexblazer (Zeraora) 32. LunaSoul 2003 (Shiny Mew) 33. Yeetmaster 78 (Shiny Mew) 34. Robo¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (Shiny Mew) 35. I Have no clue who (Shiny Mew and Marshadow) 36. Justyno94 (Shiny Mew) 37. Tonyy27 (Shiny Mew) 38. MeltanMaster (Shiny Celebi) 39. Jimmy Pak (Shiny Celebi) 40. Randoraraspberry (Marshadow) 41. Yoshie 360 (Marshadow) 42. HeyItsTrent (Shiny GMAX Gengar) 43. Zabityhrac (Shiny Weezing) 44. PrincessVap (Shiny Weezing) 45. MasterTrickz (Shiny Weezing) 46. Tealo (Shiny Weezing) 47. Brimz (Shiny Weezing) 48. piers (Shiny Weezing) 49. Ants237 (Shiny Gastly) 50. Faze Boy T (Shiny Gastly) 51. Xavier1524 (Shiny Gastly) 52. Oompaloompa (Shiny Snorlax) 53. omegasword8877 (shiny bunnelby) 54. portunidae (shiny charizard, shiny blastoise, shiny venusaur) 55. bob lucario ross (shiny incineroar, shiny mewtwo and shiny jirachi) 56. B3DWetter7 (shiny mewtwo) 57. cookies (shiny mewtwo) 58. DragonTea (shiny mewtwo) 59. Mika (shiny kyurem, and shiny nuzleaf) 60. GamerGeek99 (shiny zekrom, and shiny drifloon) 61. LunaSoul_2003 (shiny sinistea) 62. omegasword8877 (shiny galarian weezing) 63 dan1515 (shiny aegislash) 64. Zabityhrac (Zeraora) 65. Pokemanic (Zeraora) 66. AurAKlimaX (Shiny Gastly)  

Pokemon: General - LAST DAY TO CLAIM!! MESSAGE ME ASAP! 😊 image 2

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