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all the pseudo legendaries (and there mega evolutions) ranked imo

so heres a tier list of all the pseudo legendaries and their mega evolutions ranked,i guess i should say why they're in the spot there on.

Pokemon: General - all the pseudo legendaries (and there mega evolutions) ranked imo image 2

so,from D to S   Garchomp is on D tier because i honestly think its design is horrible,and thats literally it lol. Mega Garchomp,the reason it ranks higher than regular Garchomp is because it just looks cooler,it has scythes for friggin arms,the only reason its not on a or s is because of its dumb looking face Dragonite i feel like they could've done a bit better,i mean,its still pretty adorable and its from gen 1 where everything started but i just dont like it that much. Mega Tyranatair is on A tier,it looks amazing and is honestly probably one of the best mega evolutions out there beside the ones on S tier. Dragapult is on A tier because of how strong it is,i mean its a pseudo legendary,its supposed to be strong but it got me through tough battles sooo....A tier. Salamence is great,instant A tier,its wings look weird tho ngl. Kommo-o is pretty cool,i mean its basically just a dinosaur under a bunch of easily removable looking scales,but its okay and i love it. Regular Tyrantair is next and similar to its Mega form,it just looks pretty dang impressive(i am not sure if thats what i meant to say) Now S tier,Mega Salamence is the superior salamence,it has moon shaped wings,thats cool,it has a snake like body,thats cool,im saying cool alot in this thread,thats cool. Metagross is my favorite pokemon so im not gonna explain Mega Metagross and Regular Metagross. Goodra looks derpy and i love it,its easily on the S tier. Hydreigon,its cool,its great,what do you want me to say about it.   and thats basically it,wow that was long,btw just remember that this is all in my opinion sooooo....yeah

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  • xXIcicleFoxXx LV.15 Pokémon Master May 14, 2020, 03:33 AM

    I agree with all but tyranitar swap goodra and tyranitar and that would be my tier list