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Major Disadvantages of the Let's Go Pokemon Games's Battling System

I have been playing through Let’s go Eevee with my friend, as there is a co-op feature by having a “support trainer”. I do love the co-op feature because this feature allows me to play with another person. Sadly, the Let’s go Pokemon games have another new feature which has, in my opinion, hurt the overall experience. This feature is the wild pokemon battling system.

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Pokemon’s normal wild battling system is fantastic, this wild battling system teaches which attacks are effective on which types of Pokemon. I love this design because how it teaches you keeps the game interesting. This is shown by how in the tall grass surrounding the gyms, the Pokemon in that tall grass is usually related to the gym leader’s Pokemon type. One clear example of this is when heading through the mountain, the player will encounter snow-type Pokemon and then the player will encounter the snow-type gym.

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In the Let’s Go Pokemon games, the wild battling system was changed out to be similar to Pokemon’s Go catching system. This different battling system is less of a battling system and instead more of like a Pokemon catching system. I say this because if you happen to find a Pokemon in the tall grass, no fighting will take place, instead, you’ll just throw Pokeballs and berries at them. This takes away the learning experience that the wild battling system, that the old system offered. This system also takes away the grinding for the experience that Pokemon is well known for, this system gives experience to all the Pokemon in your party.

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This lack of strategy, I think, severely dampens the gaming experience that these Pokemon games had offered. Luckily, with the newest version in the series returning to the standard style of wild battling Pokemon games. That means that while the Pokemon Let’s Go series did offer some new features that revolutionized how people would go about playing Pokemon, they were seemingly a one-off feature, for those games not to return.   Did you like the change to the wild battling system present in the Let’s Go games? Or did you dislike the changes?  

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  • N1ghtz LV.4 Dragon Mar 19, 2020, 10:23 AM

    I Do believe the battle system change heavily impacted the learning curve of the game
    I recently got lend a copy of Pokemon Let's Go Eeevee, and have been playing it with my roommate who has never played a pokemon game, and the game's catch instead of battle mechanic really didn't help him learn type advantages and test out different strategies. And as you said, grinding is more different, and personally even more tedious, as not only does catching the pokemon get obnoxious after a while, you have to constantly run to the Poke Mart to buy more pokeballs and items to help with your grinding sessions.
    However, I did enjoy when you found static encounters, such as the legendary birds and Mewtwo. Because you get the best of both worlds. As you get to battle them, which are sometimes very difficult when you aren't planning on encountering them, thanks to their strength and timer, and the you get the chance to catch them. I thought these specific encounters where great since they make the more inexperienced players create strategies to defeat these mons, and get rewarded with a powerful pokemon.
    Nonetheless, I do think the game is enjoyable in small bursts, I know I had fun with the game

  • HollowKing LV.11 Insomniac Mar 19, 2020, 10:42 AM

    I agree the game is best when played in small bursts, but, for me, the standard Pokemon games are enjoyed in longer gaming sessions.
    I did enjoy the Snorlax encounter, which was first a battle, then the Pokemon Go-Style catching. But the rarity of these encounters makes them very rare.

  • N1ghtz LV.4 Dragon Mar 19, 2020, 10:47 AM

    Yea, very unfortunate that there is only a handful of encounters like that ;-;.
    And yea the standard Pokemon games are very enjoyable in longer playing sessions, even more so if you have buddies around, but I do appreciate them going out and experimenting new ways to play the game, and attracting more players to the franchise.

  • HollowKing LV.11 Insomniac Mar 19, 2020, 02:02 PM

    I would love to see the standard battling system but with a different implementation of a Co-op system. The Two on one battle make it substantially unfair when fighting gym leaders or non-double battles.