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He’s got a Mew!

Pokemon: General - He’s got a Mew!   image 1

  Professor Oak & Mew in Pokemon Masters! Once upon a time, before he was a star researcher in the world of Pokémon, Professor Oak was a trainer. We never get to see this side of him, though — often, he just gives you a starter monster and then goes on to act as your adviser. Well, until now.   A Pokémon Masters update hitting Friday will introduce Professor Oak as a sync pair, and the Pokémon expert will come equipped with a legendary Mew that he will use in battle with the player. Anyone who completes the tutorial by March 15 will get the character. Masters will include a sync pair story that will explain how the Professor met Mew, and additional content will also include some of his friends, such as Agatha.   Players who log in to Pokémon Masters every day until Feb. 27 will be able to receive up to 3,000 Gems for free, and the game will also include new music and decorations.         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bNDukSYGF8 https://www.polygon.com/2020/2/14/21137674/professor-oak-pokemon-masters-sync-pair-mew-red-blue-cut-battle

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