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Feb 14, 2020, 03:31 PM 44 read

Pokemon Home, Crashes and Glitches Issue

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Pokemon Home is the Pokemon Company’s latest cross-platform brainchild, with great enthusiasm, anticipating the easy transfer of Pokemon from older games to newer, or between their current Poke-projects. Main purpose of Pokemon Home is that a cloud service linked to the Switch and to a player’s mobile phone that allows Pokemon to be moved from games to the cloud and then to other games.   The game launched on February 11, but the cloud service has run into severe problems, with several glitches and error messages plaguing players trying to transfer their Pokemon. In addition, after the game comes back online, all of its online functions, from trading to battle to the Wild Zone, seem to be knocked out. Error code 992 seems to take place when a player attempts to transfer a large Pokemon collection into Pokemon Home, often from Pokemon Bank, and the entire Pokemon collection vanishes into nothing. Since the launch of Pokemon Home is still very recent, game developers need to fix the problems as soon as possible.            

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