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Jan 3, 2020, 06:30 PM 222 read

Party Hat Wurmple in Pokemon GO

Pokemon: General - Party Hat Wurmple in Pokemon GO image 1

  Haven’t seen a party-hat-wearing Pokemon yet? Pokemon GO released some ‘party-ready Pokemon’ to celebrate the New year, and users are able to get it between January 2 and 16.   Party Hat Wurmple is already emerged to users since January 2018. Lots of users have requested to add it in the game, and finally its came out into New Year events.   There are various ways to grab these Pokemons by raiding, catching them in the wild, or hatching eggs, but players need some patience to catch all of them.   (Pokemon Info) https://gamerant.com/pokemon-go-catch-party-hat-wurmple/

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