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[SWSH] How to start pokemon battle

To Start pokemon battle, we need some info before it.   The most important things that we should know are Nature, Stats, Individual Value (IV), and Effort Value (EV).     1. Nature

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Nature is the most important thing of all for battle. There are 25 kinds of Natures for every pokemon. Each pokemon will have one of these Natures and it cannot be changed.   Nature increases 10% to one of the stats, also decreases 10% to one of the other stats. Hardy, Docile, Serious, Bashful, Quirky doesn't have any increases or decreases.  

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If you purchase the Nature Mint from BP Shop, you can change their Nature boost bonus as you want. It doesn't change the pokemon's original nature, but only changes Nature bonus & penalty.   It boosts pokemon's stat a lot so you should get pokemons with right Nature for each role. I'll explain it next time.     2. Stats

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This is Dragapult, the 600 club pokemon in SWSH. Red square means Dragapult's Stats.   Each Stats called H (HP), A (Attack), B (Defense), C (SP.Atk), D (SP.Def), S (Speed).   Every pokemon has different Stats and the higher total stats they have, the higher their power.   We can figure it out that Dragapult has extremely fast speed, high attack, a little high sp.attack, and lower hp & defense & sp.defense stats.   These stats determine each pokemon's role. Who has a high attack or sp.attack and speed will be an attacker, who has a high defense or sp.defense or hp will be a blocker.     3. Individual Value (IV)

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Each pokemons also has own IV. Every Stats (HP, ATK, DEF, SP.ATK, SP.DEF, SPD) has 0 to 31 level. 0 is the worst, 31 is the best. We always need to look for the pokemons who has as many 31 stats they have.   Pokemons from the wild, egg hatched, or etc has their own IV. More like natural-born talent. This cannot be changed but we can make the lower IV to 31 with Bottle Cap & Gold Bottle Cap.  

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To use this item, the pokemon who wants to use should reach Lv. 100. Bottle Cap makes one of the Stats you choose reach 31, Gold Bottle Cap makes every Stats reach 31. But same as Nature Mints, this won't change your pokemon's basic IV level. Just imagine plastic surgery.     4. Effort Value (EV)   Pokemons can earn EV via defeating wild pokemons or trainer battle (Battle Tower or PVP Battle doesn't include). Every pokemon grants EV to the pokemon who slay themselves.   4 EV Point is 1 real Stat and the threshold of each stats is 252 (63 real Stat), total up to 510.   This means you can give EV point as maximum to 2 Stats of your pokemon, remaining 6 points to any Stats.  

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EV can be earned various way include battle, vitamins, or poke job (SWSH)   The easiest way is feeding Vitamins. Each vitamin increases 10 EV Points. Until the last series (USUM), Vitamins can only be fed until reach 100 EV Points but in SWSH, there's no limit for the Vitamins. You can feed Vitamins to pokemon to reach maximum EV fast, but it will cost a lot of money (Each Vitamins costs 10,000)  

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Or you can send your pokemons to Poke Jobs Seminar in Poke Center PC.   It won't cost money, but cost time. Pokemons who was sent to the Seminar will earn 4 EV Points per hour. If you sent your pokemons for Whole day, they will return with +96 EV Points tomorrow, same time.       Well, this is the entrance of the battling. Quiet complicated, isn't it? It will take some time you to get used to the system, but once you get used to it, you will find a new world of pokemon :D

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