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1st Edition Base Set of Pokémon Cards Sold at Auction for $107,010


Pokemon: General - 1st Edition Base Set of Pokémon Cards Sold at Auction for $107,010 image 2

“Somebody caught 'em all ... and paid some serious coin for it!!! TMZ Sports has learned a complete set of Pokemon cards just fetched $107,010 at auction ... and it's the most cash someone has EVER plopped down for the famous card game!!! The 103 pieces are ridiculously rare ... they're all in perfect, Gem Mint 10 condition -- and, yes, the most coveted Pokemon card in the world, the 1st edition Charizard, is included. The holographic Alakazam, Blastoise and Chansey cards are also in the set -- which was sold at Goldin Auctions over the weekend -- and they're all in unbelievable shape considering they were made in 1999. In fact, we're told for some of these cards ... there are less than 50 (!!!) in these conditions in the world!! Better get on the phone with Mom and check that childhood collection ASAP!!! “ Goldin Auction Link: https://goldinauctions.com/mobile/LotDetail.aspx?inventoryid=51339

TMZ Story Link: https://www.tmz.com/2019/08/12/pokemon-cards-auction-charizard/

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  • Dustehh LV.5 Pokémon Master Aug 14, 2019, 01:54 PM

    As a kid, I would have never thought these cards would go for this much.. now I’m like 😱

  • Ty SixFour [ ΞΔ´] LV.34 Super Star Aug 15, 2019, 06:06 PM


  • PandaMonium LV.13 Insomniac Aug 15, 2019, 07:04 PM

    tmw your father kept throwing out your pokemon card collection when you were younger because he called it a waste of time and money :') thanks dad. i couldve been rich.

  • True_gamergirl*MC LV.4 Bloodhound Main Aug 19, 2019, 02:17 AM