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25 Hidden Details In Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Part 2

10. The Secret World Map
Over the years, numerous Pokémon fans have sketched their own interpretations of a Pokémon world map. People like to speculate about where each region lies in relation to other areas—how close is Hoenn to Johto and Kanto, for example? Where does Sinnoh come into all of this? No "official" Pokémon world map has ever been produced, but Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire gave us the next best thing! One fan-made map seemingly made an appearance on the wall in a home in Dewford Town.

9. The Mordor Meme
Apparently, tributes to TV shows and movies aren't the only pop culture references that can make it into Pokémon games. Memes have a place in them too! In Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, a man in Pacifidlog Town slips a very familiar phrase into a conversation about Mirage Spots. Apparently, one does not simply walk into a Spot! Calm down, Boromir... Clearly, this man has been watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy recently! Oh, Nintendo—which memes will you decide to incorporate into future games? We can only wait and see.

8. The Time Travel Award
Have you ever wondered whether it's possible to transfer a Pokémon from the original Ruby and Sapphire to the 3DS remakes? Well, wonder no longer—it's possible! It's complicated, yes, but it's still possible! All you have to do is transfer the Pokémon from Ruby or Sapphire to a Generation Four game, and then on to a Generation Five game. Finally, you can send the Pokémon to Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire using Pokémon Bank! If you manage to make this cross-generational trade, you'll get a special certificate marking the occasion.

7. Malcolm In The Middle
Over the course of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, the player character encounters dozens of fellow Pokémon Trainers who are itching for a battle. All of these trainers have names—and some of these names are pretty obvious pop culture references! For example, in the Sea Mauville area, you can have a double battle against a couple named Lois and Hal. Any Malcolm In The Middle fans out there will know that this is a reference to the parents in the show!

6. Hello Skitty
Sea Mauville seems to be a bit of a haven for pop culture references in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire! One of the major quests in this area revolves around a doll that's a precious memento for an estranged father—a doll that just happens to be called "Hi Skitty". Of course, that's a fairly obvious reference to another popular feline character: Hello Kitty! To be fair, we can see why Skitty would become something of an icon in Hoenn.

5. Twitch Plays Pokemon in Pokemon?
If you've never encountered the online phenomenon that is Twitch Plays Pokémon, you may not know just how revered the Helix Fossil has become. We don't have nearly enough time to fully explain why the fossil became so important in that playthrough.

Everyone loved to make Red stare at the Helix Fossil, to the extent that the French version of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire actually references it in the game! The Dewford Town Gym Leader Brawly claims that he gained his power by staring at a Helix Fossil!

4. Steven's Anime Memories
Steven Stone is an important character in Ruby and Sapphire. He's the Champion of Hoenn and defeating him is your ultimate objective! He's also a pretty big deal in the Pokémon anime, as Steven himself references in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. At a specific point in the Delta Episode, if you speak to Steven while you've got his Shiny Beldum in your party he'll talk about an incident from his past. He once fought against Mega Rayquaza himself, as chronicled in the anime's Mega Evolution Special II!

3. The Haunted Apartment
There seem to be a lot of haunting incidents in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire! Alongside the ghost girls who appear, there's a particular apartment in Mauville City that's most probably haunted. If you interact with the intercom, it'll simply ring out, unlike every other apartment. Then, if you look at the For Sale sign, it'll tell you that there's a "great deal on the lease". Why is the owner so keen to get rid of it? If that's not the beginning of a horror movie, I don't know what is!

2. The Hidden Johto Music
The theme music of the Legendary Beasts isn't the only Johto-era music that's hidden in the game data for Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. Other music such as the Route 38 theme, the Generation Two Saffron City music, and the "Team Rocket invades Goldenrod Radio Tower" theme can also be found in a remastered form! Is this a sign that Johto was originally going to be included in the games? Or was this simply a practice run for remastering old Pokémon music, in preparation for FireRed and LeafGreen?

1. Oceanic Museum's Throwbacks
One place in Hoenn that's full of throwbacks to the Generation One and Two Pokémon games is the Oceanic Museum in Slateport City. If you take a close look at the exhibits in the museum, you'll notice that it contains water samples from the Kanto and Johto regions. It also features a scaled model of the famous S.S. Anne cruise ship from Pokémon Red and Blue! Likewise, the background music in the museum is a remastered version of the S.S. Anne's theme. So many references!

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25 Hidden Details In Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Part 2

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Top 20 Hidden Locations In Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Part 1

20. The Cave of Land
First, we’ll be going over how to get Groudon in Pokémon Emerald. Due to the events of the game, Groudon and Kyogre are in a conflict and the game’s mascot, Rayquaza, is the only one who can stop them. After you defeat the Elite 4 and champion Wallace, go to the Weather Institute and talk a man who will explain that one of the four routes is under severe weather conditions. Those routes are Routes 114, Route 115, Route 116, or Route 118.

You got to be quick though, otherwise, Terra Cave will disappear and Marine Cave (which we’ll get to next) will take its place. Once you find the cave, you will encounter Groudon. Be careful, because it is at level 70!

19. The Cave of Sea
With Groudon out of the way, you can now try to capture Kyogre in Emerald. Just like Groudon, you must talk to the man in the Weather Institute saying that one of the four routes is experiencing abnormal weather conditions. Instead of encountering lava, you will be going through underwater at the Marine Cave.

And like Terra Cave, you need to be fast in order to reach it in time. It will be in one of the four routes mentioned earlier and once you reach it, you will encounter Kyogre at level 70. If you end up catching it, you will have the powerful sea basin in your grasp!

18. Expanding Your Pokedex
The Ruby and Sapphire remakes offer a lot of post-game content compared to their origins. Other than the Delta Episode, there are a lot of legendary Pokémon to catch after defeating the Elite 4 and Steven Stone. For this entry, we will be letting you know how to get the Lake Guardians from the fourth generation games.

They are located at an area near Sootopolis City by soaring through the sky with Latios or Latias called the Nameless Cavern. Then, you must have three Pokémon who have a maximum level of friendship. After that, you will encounter one of them once you enter the cave. Mesprit appears at around 4 in the morning to 8 at night. Uxie appears at 8 until 9 at night, then Azelf appears at 9 and leaves at 4 in the morning.

17. The Mysterious Ring
Next, we have the Swords of Justice trio. This requires for you, the player to have three Pokémon to have maxed EVs, or effort values, on their team. As usual, you can only find it by gliding through the air with Latios or Latias. Located south of Pacifidlog Town, you will find an area called Pathless Plain.

There, you will see a mysterious ring and be able to interact with it. To encounter Cobalion, it will be there on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Terrakion will be there on Tuesday and Saturday. Last but not least, Virizion will be there Monday and Thursday.

16. What A Mystery
In the original games, Deoxys is a very difficult Pokémon to get, and that’s for the location and catch rate. It can only be obtained in Emerald, FireRed, and LeafGreen, but can be traded into Ruby and Sapphire. To get this powerful Psychic-type Pokémon, you will need an AuroraTicket from Mystery Gift.

In Emerald, you need to board the S.S Tidal and you will appear at Birth Island. You will see a triangle and you must do the following: Approach the triangle from below and press A. You will be doing a puzzle and you must do it carefully in order to make the triangle turn red. Once you do, you will face against Deoxys!

15. A Nice Surprise!
Steven Stone is one of the coolest champions in the Pokémon series, and it is all thanks to his main battler Metagross. The fact that there is a way to get its pre-evolution, Beldum, blows our minds. To get this cool Pokémon, you have to beat Steven for the role of champion in the Elite Four.

Head to Mossdeep City, where he lives and find his house at the top left of the city. You will see a Poké Ball there and a letter from Steven saying that he won’t be returning for quite some time. He tells you to take the Beldum and train it as your own. What a nice gift from him!

14. The Tao Duo
Well, would you look at that, more legendary Pokémon to capture! This time, we have the Taoism duo consisting of Reshiram and Zekrom. They are incredibly powerful and depending on which version you are playing, you will encounter one of them. In Omega Ruby you will find Reshiram, but in Alpha Sapphire, you will find Zekrom.

How to get one of them requires having one Pokémon who is at level 100. Then you will use your Latias or Latios to fly through Hoenn and head to the southeast of Mauville City. You will find a place called Fabled Cave and you will face one of them!

13. From Tower To Island
Lugia and Ho-Oh are a special case in being able to get one of them, since they can appear in both Emerald and the remakes. So, we’ll go over how to get them in both games. In Emerald, you will need the MysticTicket and hope on board to the S.S. Tidal. You will head to Navel Rock and Ho-Oh will be at the top while Lugia will be at the bottom of the location.

In the remakes, you will need to go the abandoned ship, known as Sea Mauville. You will need the Tidal Bell to get through. In Omega Ruby, you will encounter Ho-Oh, and in Alpha Sapphire, you will face off against Lugia.

12. Through Space And Time
Now the fourth generation legendary mascots, Dialga and Palkia, are next. In the remakes, these Pokémon do not have a specific location. Instead, you will see something rather weird ripping through the sky called a Dimensional Rift. In order to get it, you must have all of the Lake Guardians (Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf) in your party.

You will get Palkia if you are playing Omega Ruby, or Dialga if you are playing Alpha Sapphire. Be careful though, because they are very powerful and have their signature moves ready to attack you. But once you capture them, then you will be able to encounter Giratina along the way.

11. Quite A Storm
Now we are going back to the fifth generation legendary Pokémon, with the Forces of Nature trio consisting of Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus. The requirement to get the first two is in need of a specific Pokémon. To get either Tornadus or Thundurus, you need a Castform in your party.

Omega Ruby will get you Tornadus and Alpha Sapphire will get you Thundurus. Like with Palkia and Dialga, you will have to travel in the air, but instead of a Dimensional Rift, you will see black storm clouds. When you get one of them, you will be able to capture Landorus.

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Top 20 Hidden Locations In Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Part 1

25 Hidden Details In Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Part 2

10. Cutting The Grass
While the HM Cut was present in Pokémon games prior to Ruby and Sapphire's release, the Generation Three games added a new out-of-battle usage for this move. Cut now enabled the player to actually chop down the tall grass dotted around the Hoenn region. Since this grass is usually the home to numerous wild Pokémon, we have a lot of questions about this new feature. Where do all of the Pokémon go once you've destroyed their natural habitat? Is it really ethical to chop down these Pokémon's home just because random wild encounters are irritating sometimes?

9. Shiny Rayquaza
There's no doubt about it: Rayquaza is one darn impressive Legendary Pokémon. However, a slight plot hole relating to this fearsome dragon exists in the original Ruby and Sapphire. Various NPCs in these games make comments to the player about Rayquaza being a huge, green dragon—which it usually is. However, it's possible to encounter Rayquaza in its shiny form at Sky Pillar, making it black instead of green. Since there's only one Rayquaza in Hoenn, how could those NPCs have seen a green one if only the shiny form exists in their world?

8. Dewford Town's Trendy Phase
One of the most inexplicable features in the entirety of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire is the Dewford Town "Trendy Phrase" mechanic. If you visit this island town, you have the option of providing a so-called "Trendy Phrase" to a boy outside of Dewford Hall. For some bizarre reason, the contents of this phrase affect where exactly on Route 119 the Water-type Pokémon Feebas will appear. What?! In what world could a phrase spoken in a random town affect the behavior of some wild fish on the other side of Hoenn? It makes no sense whatsoever.

7. Drake, The Dragon Sailor
Just like Gym Leaders, each member of the Elite Four in the majority of the Pokémon regions specializes in one type. Upon meeting Drake, one of the elite trainers in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, you'd immediately expect him to battle with Water-types. The guy dresses like a sailor, for crying out loud! It would make logical sense for a trainer with a connection to the sea to use Water-type Pokémon. So, does he? Of course not. Drake uses Dragon-types for some reason. To be fair, they are pretty cool.

6. Team Aqua/Magma's Destructive Goals
In every single Pokémon game, the grand plan of the evil team is always a little bit ridiculous and totally unrealistic. It has to be, in a way—if the plans were reasonable, you could hardly expect a 10-year-old child to thwart them. However, as schemes go, those of Team Aqua and Team Magma have to be the most ridiculous of all. They want to flood the Earth and get rid of the oceans respectively, and anyone with half a brain can see that neither of these ideas is not even remotely good.

5. Underwater Fire-types
Back to the total impracticability of HM08, Dive! Not only is it totally implausible for humans to be able to survive underwater for that long without oxygen, the fact that Pokémon can do it too is equally ridiculous. What's even weirder is the fact that you can battle using Fire-types while underwater. Wouldn't that leave the likes of Blaziken and Camerupt totally weakened, considering they match up badly with Water-types and they'd be surrounded by actual water? Apparently not, according to these games!

4. Elite Four's Amnesia
In pretty much every single Pokémon game, you can challenge the Elite Four to a re-match at least once after defeating them for the first time. However, if you do this in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, everyone in the Pokémon League seems to be afflicted with amnesia. For one, Steven is still Champion for some reason, despite the fact that you've already defeated him and taken his crown once before. That doesn't seem fair! It took until Generation Seven for Pokémon games to acknowledge that re-matching the old Champion makes no sense.

3. "Regirock Flew Away!"
Honestly, this particular plot hole is more hilarious than game-changing. As Ruby and Sapphire fans will know, a new Legendary trio was introduced in this generation: Regirock, Regice, and Registeel. You have to meet certain requirements in order to battle these creatures, but the real fun comes if you choose to run away from the fight. A message will appear stating that "Regirock/Regice/Registeel flew away." I'm sorry... Flew? These huge masses of rock, ice, and steel managed to fly away, despite not having wings? Do they own jet packs? That's one great mental image...

2. Fishing For Wailmer/Wailord
One of the main ways of catching Water-type Pokémon in most of the games in the series is grabbing a rod and going fishing. Ruby and Sapphire are no exception to this—you can get yourself an Old Rod, a Good Rod, or a Super Rod and go and wait for something to bite! One of the Pokémon you can fish for is Wailmer which, in all honesty, is totally ridiculous. It's a GIANT WHALE. How does a small ten-year-old child manage to reel that catch in? Does the playable character have super-strength?

1. "Zigzagoon Learned Surf"
This issue with Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire doesn't require much explanation. There are many, many ridiculous things about Zigzagoon—its name, for one! However, it's ability to learn Surf has to be one of the biggest goofs of all.

How does this tiny raccoon have the strength to carry its trainer across Hoenn's oceans? It's not like its trainer can sit back on it and enjoy the ride—raccoons aren't that big! Plus, how does it even use Surf in battle? Where does all of the water come from?

Tensei24 Tensei24 LV.12 Elite Four 12d
25 Hidden Details In Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Part 2

25 Unresolved Mysteries/Plot Holes In Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Part 1

25. Diving Without Oxygen
Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire introduced a new HM into the mix for players to use outside of battle: HM08 Dive. As its name would suggest, this move allows the player to dive into the ocean and explore underwater areas, some of which featured exclusive Pokémon. The HM added a bit more depth to the game (get it?)

However, Dive's introduction did create one massive plot hole. How did the player character manage to survive underwater without using any breathing apparatus whatsoever? Did they secretly have gills, or could they just hold their breath for hours?

24. Surviving Groudon's Lair
As anyone who's played Pokémon Ruby will know, towards the end of the game the playable character has to confront (and defeat or capture) the legendary Pokémon Groudon. It can be found on the bottom floor of the Cave of Origin in Sootopolis City, waiting for you in a pit of lava. Question is, how does the playable character survive without any protective gear in what's essentially a volcano? Surely spending time in an actual lava-filled inferno of a room would have some kind of harmful effect on an unprotected child.

23. What Happened To Team Aqua/Magma?
Just like all of the mainline Pokémon games, Ruby and Sapphire feature their own evil teams hell-bent on ruining the world. Team Aqua and Team Magma each had their own flawed nefarious plan.

Of course, their missions are thwarted by the playable character and the leaders of the two teams realize that being evil might not be the best life choice. Thing is, we never find out what happens to Team Magma and Aqua after their schemes fail. By all rights, they should be in jail for various crimes—but did that actually happen?

22. Littleroot Town's Roads
This tiny plot hole doesn't really impact the plot of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire too much, but it's still an amusing one to point out. In the game's opening moments, the playable character arrives in their new home of Littleroot Town in the back of a moving van. Thing is, the Hoenn region doesn't have any roads—especially not the tiny village of Littleroot! Does everyone just drive off-road in this place? Did the van magically teleport to Littleroot?

21. Norman's Parenting Skills
Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire introduced a pretty interesting family dynamic into the main plot of the game. One of the game's Gym Leaders—that of Petalburg City, to be precise—just happened to be the playable character's Dad! It added a nice twist to the game for sure but also raised a lot of questions. Dad—or Norman, as he likes to be called apparently, even by his own child—seems to spend all of his time in the Gym. Does he ever actually see his wife and child?

20. A Child Saves The Day (Again)
Here's a question: Do any of the regions featured in the Pokémon games actually have an effective police force? Apparently not, if the plots we've encountered are anything to go by. In pretty much every single game, a random child—aka, the playable character—is left to defeat an evil team of criminals with no help from law enforcement. Sure, Gym Leaders and other important figures chip in from time to time, but mostly, solving crimes is literally left to be child's play! Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire are no exception to this baffling rule.

19. Prof. Birch's Predicament
Near the beginning of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, the playable character ventures onto the nearest route to their home only to find the local Pokémon professor in a bit of a predicament. Professor Birch is being attacked by a wild Poochyena, but he's left all of his Pokémon in his satchel a few feet away.

If Professor Birch is such an expert on Pokémon, shouldn't he have known that venturing into tall grass with no Pokémon on hand was a ridiculous thing to do? Apparently not.

18. Wally's First Battle
If you're a stickler for the tiny details of each Pokémon game being totally accurate, Wally's first ever wild Pokémon battle in Ruby and Sapphire probably annoyed you a lot. Wally borrows a Zigzagoon from Norman in Petalburg City so that he can venture out and catch his first Pokémon, a Ralts. However, both of these Pokémon have flaws in their programming! Zigzagoon doesn't know Tail Whip despite being at the right level. Ralts, meanwhile, is Level 5, despite all of the wild Ralts in that area being capped at Level 4 for the player. Talk about an unfair advantage!

17. Latias/Latios Soar Logistics
The 3DS remakes of Ruby and Sapphire—Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire—added a couple of new mechanics into these classic games. One of these was Latios and Latias Soar, which allowed you to fly around Hoenn on the back of one of these legendaries. Thing is, this was in no way a safe thing to do! Latias and Latios fly pretty darn quickly, and the player doesn't wear any kind of harness. Plus, surely if you were flying around that quickly you'd end up with motion sickness? Just saying!

16. Deoxys Origins
I have another question. What on earth is Deoxys? This bizarre but also pretty cool legendary was introduced in Ruby and Sapphire—although it was impossible to catch unless you attended a specific event. It was apparently created when a space virus mutated, but honestly, that creates more questions than it answers. Where did the virus come from exactly? How did its mutation cause a weird, spindly Psychic-type Pokémon to come into existence? Honestly, we need Nintendo to address Deoxys' origins in a bit more detail, because we're confused.

15. How does A Skitty and Wailord Mate?
Pokémon breeding is a complex and slightly odd system that involves every single breedable creature being assigned a different "Egg Group". Often, the members of each group make a lot of sense—all of the Bug-types are together, for example, and all of the dragons. Some breeding possibilities however, don't make sense.

The most infamous example of this is two unlikely Generation Three Pokémon—Skitty and Wailord—being able to breed. Skitty is a tiny kitten, and Wailord is, well, a giant whale. Go figure.

14. Phoebe's Ghostly Visitor
Another addition to Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire that left a lot of players perplexed was Phoebe's ghostly visitor. Phoebe is a member of the Elite Four who specializes in Ghost-type Pokémon, so perhaps we should have expected her to be involved in something spooky. However, nobody expected the ghost of a little girl to turn up in her room at the Pokémon League. Nobody knows who this girl is, or what she wants with Phoebe or the player. The whole situation is more than a little bit creepy!

13. Legendary Battling Technique
As we've already mentioned, close to the end of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, the player is given the option to capture a legendary Pokémon. Should you succeed in your efforts to add Kyogre or Groudon to your team, you're free to use them in battle from that moment onwards.

It's an incredibly fun prospect, but also a slightly odd one. These Pokémon almost destroyed the world about five minutes ago—why is it suddenly safe for a child to battle with them? Besides anything else, it's just unfair on their opponents.

12. The Villainous Team's Pokemon Choices
A recurring plot hole in basically every single Pokémon game is the fact that every evil team out there uses absolutely rubbish Pokémon in battle. Ruby and Sapphire aren't exceptions to this rule! The host of Team Magma and Team Aqua Grunts that the player has to battle all have disappointing creatures like Poochyena, Zubat, and Numel. What's with that? If they wanted to succeed in their criminal efforts, they should really have chosen better Pokémon to train.

11. Wally's Recovery
At the beginning of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, the playable character makes friends with Wally, a kid who lives in Petalburg City. It's revealed that Wally has a mystery illness, leading his parents to send him to live with his uncle and aunt in Verdanturf Town. Its hoped that the fresh, clean countryside air will aid his recovery.

Very quickly after he arrives in Verdanturf Town, Wally not only becomes totally healthy but strong enough to go on his own Pokémon adventure too. We're happy for him, but seriously... How did he recover quite so quickly?

Tensei24 Tensei24 LV.12 Elite Four 12d
25 Unresolved Mysteries/Plot Holes In Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Part 1

Top 30 Side Quests In Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee Part 2

15. Battle Red
Once a player becomes the Champion and defeats at least four Master Trainers, Red will start hanging out around the Indigo League Plateau. As the original protagonist from Pokémon Red and Blue, he appeared as an opponent for the first time in Pokémon Gold and Silver.

Much like in those games, Red is the strongest trainer the player can face since he has a very well balanced team and each of his pocket monsters are above level 80. This side quest will test every battle tactic a player learned over the course of their journey.

14. Get All Outfits
The Let’s Go games allow a player to dress the avatar and your partner Pokémon with a variety of different outfits. Some of these are found over the course of a normal playthrough, but a dedicated player will need to go out of their way to obtain all of them.

For instance, the classic Team Rocket garb worn by Jessie and James is only available after the player battles them once they become the Champion. This side quest is only for those who want to be both the best and best-looking trainer around.

13. Get All Alolan Pokemon
Another surprising feature of the Let’s Go games is the presence of Alolan forms of several Kanto Pokémon. To get the alternative versions of these pocket monsters, a player will first need to capture their original forms and then trade with specific NPCs in Pokémon Centers.

If players want to take this challenge even further, they can make these trades multiple times for a chance at an Alolan monster with perfect stats or a shiny variation. Some Alolan monsters are version exclusives, though, so some trading will be required to catch them all.

12. Get An Aerodactyl
In a side quest straight out of the original Pokémon games, a trainer can earn an Aerodactyl once they reach Cinnabar Island. The facility here revives fossils and, if a player thinks to travel back to Pewter City and go through the museum’s back entrance, they can get the Old Amber and revive an Aerodactyl.

Not only does Aerodactyl let a player fly higher after beating the Elite Four, it’s also a powerful monster that can improve just about any team.

11. Capture Meltan
The Mythical Pokémon Meltan is an interesting monster that requires a lot of effort to capture. Meltan only appears in the Pokémon GO mobile games once a player successfully transfers a monster to a Pokémon Let’s Go game and activates the special item they receive for the transfer.

Once the monster is captured in the mobile game, it’s pretty easy to transfer it to the console title. Although, you’ll probably want to catch more than one to make the next side quest a little easier.

10. Evolve Meltan Into Melmetal
Melmetal is the evolved form of Meltan and is tougher to capture than its pre-evolution. Uniquely, Meltan only evolves into Melmetal by feeding it the candies found in Pokémon GO and the Let’s Go games.

400 candies are needed to trigger the evolution, which means that a player will need to catch a lot of Meltan and turn them into Prof. Willow if they want the legendary evolution. It's definitely worth the effort, though, as Melmetal is easily one of the strongest creatures in these games.

9. Make Trades
There’s no direct reward for trading Pokémon with friends or fellow trainers, but the activity does help tremendously with other side quests and enhances the Pokémon Let’s Go experience. Trading is necessary to complete the Pokédex and is useful in finding shiny monsters.

Moreover, though, trading lets players feel like a part of a community of people working towards a similar goal. It lets people bond over a mutual love of Pokémon and lets a player share their experiences directly with another person.

8. Look Around GO Park
The GO Park is a new addition to the Pokémon Let’s Go games and allows a player to send monsters from Pokémon GO to the console titles.

While you’ll have to catch the monsters again in a Let’s Go game to use them in the console titles, it does allow a player to build a team totally to their liking and make the games quite a bit easier. You can even arrange which monsters appear in which parts of the GO Park and create parks with different themes.

7. Watching A Slowpoke
Whenever you visit Pewter City, a lady will ask you to watch her Slowpoke. Agreeing to do so will trigger a cutscene where your player just stares at the Slowpoke while it remains motionless and contemplates something that’s likely far beyond human comprehension.

You don’t have to watch this cutscene, and you don’t have to take a minute to go on your own contemplative journey, but maybe, the game and your life would be better if you did. Seriously, though, take a moment to check out this easily missable segment; it’s hilarious.

6. Collect All TMs
TMs are items in Pokémon games that a player teaches a monster attacks they might not learn otherwise. There are 60 TMs in total in the Pokémon Let’s Go games and some are easier to get than others.

Some are found in the overworld, some are given for defeating powerful trainers, and others can just be purchased. Teaching new moves to Pokémon can drastically improve a team, or at the very least, change up a strategy that’s growing stale.

5. Drop Pokemon Off At Day Care
It’s easy to play through the entirety of the Let’s Go games without taking advantage of the Pokémon Daycare. At this facility, a player can leave a Pokémon and have it train and level up on its own.

There are obvious benefits to using the Daycare, and the levels gained here are more valuable than usual since it’s tough to grind for experience in these games. Even if the Daycare is entirely optional, most players will find it a useful means to changing up their party.

4. Visit The "Mew Truck"
In the Pokémon Let’s Go games, you can visit the fabled truck in the Vermilion City harbor by surfing off of the dock. This truck was inexplicably in the original Pokémon games and inspired rumors that it was somehow tied to the mythical Mew.

While the truck does appear in the Let’s Go games, Mew’s presence there is still just a rumor. It’s a fun reference and worth searching out for any diehard Pokémon fan, but sadly, Mew doesn't appear there. But you do get a Revive!

3. Buy A Poke Ball Plus
The good news is that it’s easier than ever to catch the mythical Pokémon Mew. The bad news is that the genetic predecessor to all Pokémon is locked behind a paywall. The Pokéball Plus accessory item allows a player to transfer a Mew into the game and unlocks other features, but it’ll set a player back about 50 bucks.

While the Pokéball Plus and corresponding Mew might make for a solid gift to a young Pokémon fanatic, such a steep price might make it hard for a person to justify buying the accessory for themselves.

2. Rematch With The Elite Four
Much like in the original games, a player can challenge the Elite Four again after becoming the Champion. However, unlike in the original games, the Elite Four will have much stronger and fleshed-out teams than in the initial confrontation.

Not only is taking on this gauntlet again a terrific way to make more money, it’s also an even greater challenge for those looking for something tougher than Let’s Go’s lax difficulty. Anyone can become the Champ, but it requires a lot of practice and skill to hold onto that title.

1. Rematch With The Gym Leaders
Unlike the original games, in the Let’s Go titles, a player can challenge the Gym Leaders once more after becoming the Champion. Their teams will be much stronger than they were before and will consist of five Pokémon leveled to the mid to high 50s.

The Kanto Gym Leaders are some of the most iconic in the series, and any additional time a player can spend with them, the better. Taking on these extra powerful trainers is a great, post-game challenge and a solid way to level up monsters for the other steep, post-game challenges.

Tensei24 Tensei24 LV.12 Elite Four 11d
Top 30 Side Quests In Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee Part 2

Pokémemes Contender Raihan

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Contender Raihan +1
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Let's be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 5229 5597 7291!

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Dual Screen Dagapult

who will trade any of these for my masterball?

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shiny rowlet/evs
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shiny arcanine
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princess1ab3 princess1ab3 LV.12 Chief 11d
who will trade any of these for my masterball?

Top 20 Hidden Locations In Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Part 2

10. When Will It End?
One of the craziest in-game events you can do in Ruby and Sapphire is the Trick House. It is crazy but a fun challenge that can reward you with goodies that be used without having to spend in-game money or sell those that have high prices.

To go through it, you need all 8 Gym Badges. To find the house, it is located at Route 110 north of Slateport City. Once you enter the house, you will see the Trick Master and you will be able to try out the puzzles he has to offer.

9. Travelling Far From Hoenn
Mew is one of the rarest legendary Pokémon due to being released in limited times from Mystery Gifts. Despite the famous Mew glitch, getting it properly is very difficult. The event was only exclusive to Japan and the only way for international players to get Mew is by cheating.

However, we’ll go over how Mew can be received in Emerald. The player will need the key item called Old Sea Map and by going to the S.S. Tidal, they will make it to Faraway Island. The player will see Mew and it will go in the tall grass. Once the player reaches Mew, it will take them in a wild battle against it.

8. Bracing Through The Desert
The Titans in Pokémon are one of the most terrifying battlers you have come across in the games. Their battle theme is intense yet epic. When looking for them, it is a chore, so we’ll start off with Regirock, the first of the Titans trio. First, you have to do the Sealed Chamber’s puzzle.

Once you finish it, you must go to the Desert Ruins and enter it. In Ruby and Sapphire, when you are in the lobby, you must go two steps right, two steps down, and use Strength from a Pokémon in your party. Then you will be able to access a secret room that holds Regirock.

7. Surfing To An Island
With Regirock out of the way, now it’s Regice’s turn. Just like Regirock, you must complete the Sealed Chamber’s puzzle in order to access the cave this icy titan will reside in. Head on over to the small island on Route 105 and enter the Island Cave. Once you enter it, head over to the Braille and read it.

You must stand for two minutes and wait until the door is open. If you are playing Emerald, then you will have to do this instead: Stay close to the wall and run around one lap. Whichever game you are playing, doing those requirements will get you to Regice.

6. Raiding A Tomb
Now we are at the last of the Titan trio, Registeel. After you completed the Sealed Chamber’s puzzle, you will find a new location in Route 120 known as the Ancient Tomb. In Ruby and Sapphire, the player must do the following: use the hidden move Fly in the middle of the room and the door will open.

In Emerald, you must use Flash instead. Once those two varying instructions are cleared, you will be able to take on Registeel and try to catch it. If you are playing the remakes, once you captured all of the Titans, you will be able to face the king itself, Regigigas!

5. Battling In Space
The Delta Episode acts as the first part of the post-game in the remakes that occur after the player defeats Steven and the Elite Four. We are introduced to Zinnia, a girl who is destined to be the Lorekeeper to save the world from destruction. In this mission, the player is required to capture Rayquaza in order to go into space and save the world.

Enter Deoxys, the Pokemon who will be your opponent. To those that were not able to get Deoxys in the older games, then the remakes will offer that. Careful, because it will be at level 80, and it is very powerful.

4. The Sky Dragon
Rayquaza is one of the most imposing and powerful Pokémon to date. Having another legendary Pokémon to capture after getting into the Hall of Fame was something that surprised fans greatly. There was an area called the Sky Pillar and it was a huge mystery. Reaching to the top will show Rayquaza at level 70.

To get to the Sky Pillar, you have to fly to Pacifidlog Town and surf to the east. It will be on Route 131 and you will see an area that will take you inside. You keep going up and be fast since there are cracks that will take you down. When you make it, prepare to have an epic battle with the Sky High Pokémon.

3. Want A Secret Base?
What makes the Ruby and Sapphire remakes incredible is the amount of extra content they bring fans for more time to play the games. The remakes gave fans new locations to explore and one of them has to do with secret bases. Secret Bases are one of the main highlights of the Gen 3 Games.

In Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, there are new locations for awesome secret bases. You can go to the Secret Shore, Secret Islet, and Secret Meadow. To find the Secret Shore, go to Route 129 and find a diving spot. For the Secret Islet, head to Route 126 and access an underwater area. The Secret Meadow can be found by going to the northwestern dive spot at Route 130.

2. Meeting One Of Them
The Eon duo became the first Pokémon to have the unique typing of Psychic and Dragon and are considered to be brother and sister. In Ruby and Sapphire, they roam around the Hoenn region with Latios in Ruby and Latias in Sapphire. The remakes take the player to Southern Island where they got a free Latios or Latias, but we’ll go over how to get them in the older games.

An Eon Ticket is required to get one of the two and the player will need to go to the S.S. Tidal and showing the ticket will take them to Southern Island. Playing Ruby will let you get Latias while Sapphire gets you Latios.

1. Look Twice
If there is one location that did not technically make it to the remakes, it is the Mirage Island. This area is incredibly difficult to find due to its name and sudden appearance. It is located on Route 130, but to get there requires some high circumstances. The game's code needs to be in your luck.

Two randomized bytes change every day. If they managed to have the same as the last two bytes of the Pokémon’s personality value, then Mirage Island will appear as long as that Pokémon is still in the party. Over there, you can capture wild Wynaut and obtain the super rare Liechi Berry.

Tensei24 Tensei24 LV.12 Elite Four 11d
Top 20 Hidden Locations In Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Part 2

Pokémemes Don't you wish this was a Pokemon

Don't you wish this was a Pokemon
ARM McG LV.4 Lurker 11d
Don't you wish this was a Pokemon

Top 25 Hidden Details In Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee Part 1

25. Blaine's Tie Is Singed
The seventh gym leader in Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! is the fiery quiz master Blaine. He uses fire-type Pokémon exclusively and, as his title suggests, is a bit of an eccentric.

A small, but fun, detail in his design in these games is that his fire print tie is actually singed towards its end. This little detail really helps further his character as an over-the-top brainiac and is perfectly fitting for a guy who makes people explore a dilapidated laboratory before they can challenge him.

24. Lt. Surge's Autograph Is In Ultra Sun/Moon
After defeating the way-into-himself army guy, Lt. Surge gives you his autograph in addition to his gym badge. While this action helps further establish his character, it's also a reference to the Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon games.

In these previous titles, the protagonist will have the same autograph in their bedroom when they begin their adventure. It could be that the player characters of Pokémon Let’s Go are meant to be the same protagonists of the previous games, although it’s hard to say for sure.

23. Red and Blue Have New Teams
In the Pokémon Let’s Go games, a player can battle the protagonist and rival from the first generation of Pokémon games. Named Red and Blue, respectively, it’s interesting to note that they have completely new teams from any other iteration of the characters.

This is a pretty fun change-up and, while the two are no less challenging than when they’re battled in other games, it’s unexpected that their parties would change after having basically the same pool of monsters for nearly two decades.

22. Gym Leaders Designs Are Based On FireRed/LeafGreen
While most gym leader designs in the Pokémon Let’s Go games are slightly different from any other interpretation of the characters, most of them draw heavy inspiration from their Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen designs.

Brock is wearing an almost identical outfit to the one he wore in the third generation and Sabrina’s purple-burgundy attire most closely resembles her third generation color scheme. Since FireRed and LeafGreen are also remakes of the original Pokémon games, it makes sense that the character designs would be rather similar.

21. Bill Fuses With Nidorino This Time
In the events of the games that start in the Kanto region, the genius Bill accidentally fuses with a Pokémon and gives the player an S.S. Anne ticket when they help the inventor defuse.

In the original games, it’s implied that he accidentally merged with a Clefairy, while in the Let’s Go titles, he explicitly combines with a Nidorino. Maybe, this change happened because it’s easier to depict a Nidorino with more human-like features, but either way, this is still an unsettling event in these children's games.

20. Legendaries Can Block Poke Balls
Unlike other wild encounters in the Pokémon Let’s Go games, a player needs to defeat legendary monsters in battle before they can attempt to catch them. However, catching the legendary birds and Mewtwo will prove even more difficult than usual as they have passive abilities that block thrown balls automatically.

If you notice a kind of aura around any legendary monster when you’re trying to catch it, either hold off on throwing a ball or give the Pokémon a calming Nanab Berry to settle them and prevent you from burning through your cache of Pokéballs.

19. Can't Battle Team Rocket's Meowth
In Pokémon Yellow, a player would battle Jessie, James, and Meowth of Team Rocket several times over the course of their adventure. While this is still true, Meowth no longer battles as a member of the duo’s shared party of pocket monsters.

While this is technically more in line with the anime, since Meowth rarely fights, it’s still a bit of a shame and feels like a bit of content was rolled back from the older game. Then again, only longtime Pokémon fans will even notice Meowth’s removal as a battling monster, anyway.

18. Mr. Fuji's Photo
Cinnabar Island was a treasure trove of secrets and mystery back when the Pokémon franchise was brand new. It was in ruins from a volcanic eruption, housed the lab that birthed Mewtwo, and was the location for the infamous Missingno glitch.

One thing that's easy to spot is the portrait of one Mr. Fuji hanging on the wall. Fuji is the one taken by Team Rocket in Lavender town and had a huge hand in the Mewtwo cloning project when he was younger.

17. Blue Never Got A Pokedex
A couple of the easter eggs in this game are new additions to the Pokémon lore. Namely one including Blue/Gary Oak. Being the grandson of the professor, you'd think Blue would've spent his childhood with a Pokedex in hand, researching.

In a piece of dialogue relatively early on, Blue mentions that the Pokedex we have is Oak's first working model. That up until now, Blue carried a paper map around and marked on it where the Pokémon were. Blue apparently plays it old-school.

16. Samson Oak Is Back
Another neat little easter egg is that after you've become the Pokémon Champion, see what lies on Professor Oak's computer. Head back to the lab and hop onto it to read some of his personal emails. I know this is a complete invasion of privacy, but we are talking about a universe where people just walk into each other's houses unprompted.

Anyway, you'll see the email is to one Samson Oak, who is, of course, the tanned and tubular version of the professor we see on our adventure in the Alola region. Glad to see that Alola was established 10+ years before we go there canonically.

15. Bike Shop Is Out Of Business
Riding Pokémon as a means of transportation is now the norm. It was a bit of a build-up though. You can ride Gogoats in Pokemon X and Y then a select few in Sun/Moon/Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon, but now you can ride many Pokemon in Let's Go.

But, what does that mean for the bike system? Well, that means it's gone! When you can ride your sentient superpowered animals around, why would you need a bike? That said, the bike shop is still in Pokémon Let's Go. But rather than remaining a store for bikes, it's the home of a very eccentric bike collector.

14. Calenders Have Some Sprite Work
Now there are a lot, and I mean a lot of references to the original Red and Blue in this remake. And why wouldn't there be? It's the perfect vehicle to reference the age-old classics. One of the better references, in my opinion, are the calendars spread throughout the game. Most of them have a different sprite showcased on them.

These sprites are the original sprites for different Pokemon in Red and Blue. It's a great way to include some of the older assets, without complete messing with the style of the remake. But oh man, some of those sprites are ugly or flat out creepy...

13. The Pokemon War
This detail is actually as much of an omission as it is the inclusion of something new. Ever since the early 90's fans have been raving and ranting about the secret Pokemon War.

When you originally fought Lieutenant Surge in Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow he'd say this. "I tell you kid, electric Pokémon saved me during the war! They zapped my enemies into paralysis!" This line implies that there was at one point a world war, that Pokémon played a part in. Now, 20 years later, Nintendo has replaced this line with Surge comparing the act of battling to war.

12. Old Movie References
The starting section in Pokémon tends to include a pop-culture reference or two. Usually, it's the TV upstairs that has the latest Nintendo console hooked up to it.

But this time, Nintendo made quite the odd choice. It's not 100% clear if this difference between that Eevee and Pikachu version, or if it's by gender, but there's a movie reference on the TV. On one side the text on the screen references the classic Wizard of Oz. And on the other, it's referencing Stand By Me. Maybe a 90's reference for a 90's remake?

11. Giovanni Got Married
Giovanni got married! Or at least, that's how it looks in Pokémon Let's Go. Giovanni is the most iconic of the Pokemon villains, as he's the leader of Team Rocket.

Now, it's good that Giovanni's been retconned as a married man because his son is one of the main characters in Gold and Silver. With the appearance of his son, Silver, people have always wondered who the mom could be. And now since The Pokémon Company has made it a point to show he's married, it's looking all the more likely that Ariana, a Team Rocket executive, could be the wife, as she looks strikingly similar to Silver.

Tensei24 Tensei24 LV.12 Elite Four 11d
Top 25 Hidden Details In Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee Part 1

Top 30 Side Quests In Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee Part 1

30. Play With Your Partner
Shortly after either of the games begin, a player will unlock the ability to play with their partner Pikachu or Eevee. With this feature, a player can pet their partner Pokémon, feed them berries, or watch them react to events going on in the overworld.

If their friendship is raised high enough using this feature, Pikachu or Eevee will even give the player heart scales on occasion. This is the only reliable method of getting this kind of item in these games and they are necessary to customizing a Pokémon’s moveset, so collecting them is super useful.

29. Catch Articuno
The Ice-type Legendary Bird, Articuno, is likely going to be the first legendary Pokémon players have a chance at catching. Found at the bottom of the Seafoam Islands, a player can get to the ice bird by solving boulder puzzles that stop rapidly flowing water.

Solving this puzzle lets a player advance to Cinnabar Island and challenge Articuno to a battle if they so choose. After defeating the Ice and Flying-type monster in a timed battle, players will have the chance to catch this hidden monster.

28. Capture Zapdos
Zapdos is the easiest of the legendary birds to reach... once you know where to look. Shortly before Rock Tunnel, a player can surf down the side of the route to reach an abandoned Power Plant. At the end of this facility waits Zapdos, who players will need to defeat in battle before getting the chance to capture the electric bird.

Even if it seems simple on paper, finding out a super powerful monster was hiding just off the edge of the map helped make the Pokémon franchise a hit back when the originals premiered.

27. Capture Moltres
Moltres is the easiest of the legendary birds to miss. This phoenix is found in a hidden stretch of Victory Road that many players might miss in their rush to challenge the Elite Four at the end of the path.

Similar to Articuno, a player will need to beat Moltres in a battle before a timer runs out if they want a chance at catching the monster. While this may seem like a daunting task in such a high-level area, thankfully, a kindly Officer named Jenny will heal your Pokémon shortly before the encounter.

26. Collect Bottle Caps
Bottle caps and gold bottle caps are necessary to fully maximize a Pokémon's stats. Doing this isn’t totally necessary to complete the game, but it does give any given monster a competitive edge in multiplayer battles.

A player can find bottle caps by searching through the Celadon Game Corner every day, and pressing “A” whenever your partner wags their tail. Taking these bottle caps to a man at the Pokémon Day Care will let you make a monster of your choosing even more powerful.

25. Shiny Hunting
In the Pokémon Let’s Go games, hunting down shiny Pokémon is easier than ever. By catching Pokémon of the same species over and over again, the likelihood of a shiny monster appearing dramatically increases.

Granted, it’s still possible for a player to spend hours catching the same monster without a shiny appearing, but that’s part of the fun and what makes them so coveted. Shiny hunting isn’t for everybody, but it can be enjoyable if you just want to veg out with a game after a long and demanding day.

24. Soaring Through The Air
After defeating the Elite Four and becoming the Pokémon League Champion, a player will unlock the ability to soar higher in the air than ever before. By riding a Charizard, Aerodactyl, or Dragonite, a player can avoid obstacles on routes and traverse the world much faster than they could have previously.

This feature is exceptionally useful in tracking down specific Master Trainers in the overworld and can even be used to find some rare/high-level Pokémon. Also, it’s wicked cool to fly over anyone or anything while riding a dragon.

23. Battling The Master Trainers
There is one Master Trainer for every species of Pokémon scattered across the world of the Pokémon Let’s Go games. They only appear after defeating the Elite Four and have a single kind of Pokémon raised to level 80.

Also, items aren’t allowed during these battles, so the fights entirely boil down to who raised the better Pokémon. These trainers are tough to find and even tougher to defeat,  which makes them the perfect post-games side quest for hardcore trainers to tackle.

22. Catch The Perfect Legendary Birds
The Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres found in their hidden locations aren’t the only versions of the legendary monsters a player can encounter in these games. While flying high in the air, there’s a chance for these legendary birds to spawn.

As with any other Pokémon that appears in the overworld, you can start a catching chain with one of the legendary birds and increase the likelihood of them having better stats or a shiny variant appearing. Yes, this will take an incredibly long time, but to the most dedicated trainers, it’s well worth the investment.

21. Get The Starter Trio
You can find a Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle in the Pokémon Let’s Go games with almost perfect stats by visiting locations that correspond to these monsters’ anime counterparts.

A player receives a protective Bulbasaur, an abandoned Charmander, and a mischievous Squirtle just like Ash did in the first season of the anime. You don’t have to use or even receive these monsters during the course of a playthrough, but ignoring this side quest will have a player missing one of the most fun references in these games.

20. Catching Some Cats and Dogs
In Vermilion City, there’s a guy who will ask the player if they prefer Growlithe or Meowth, and then ask them to go capture five Growlithe in Let’s Go, Pikachu! or five Meowth in Let’s Go, Eevee!.

If a player takes on this side quest, they will be rewarded with the opposite evolved form of the opposite Pokémon. This side quest is exceptionally worthwhile, as both Arcanine and Persian are version-exclusive monsters that a player usually has to obtain through trading.

19. Catch Mewtwo
Now one of the most well known side quests in gaming, a player can capture the incredibly powerful Mewtwo at the bottom of Cerulean Cave after they defeat the Elite Four.

Mewtwo’s presence at the bottom of the cave is way more telegraphed than in the original games, but getting to him will be no less difficult. Cerulean Cave features some of the most complex puzzles in the game and players will first have to defeat Mewtwo in a timed battle before having the chance to capture him.

18. Complete The Pokedex
Catching one of every kind of Pokémon is the ultimate challenge in every Pokémon game. Between version exclusives and creatures a player has to choose between, completing the Pokédex requires lots of catching, evolving, and trading monsters.

While completing the Pokédex is entirely optional, working together with friends and other players to complete the Dex is a huge part of what made Pokémon a hit franchise. This creates a sense of community that no other series of games is quite able to replicate.

17. Battle Green
In a surprise appearance that cuts to the deepest parts of Pokémon lore, the scrapped female protagonist from the original games, Green, appears in the Pokémon Let’s Go games. She appears shortly after a player battles Mewtwo and, if a player manages to defeat her, awards a player with the stones that will allow Mewtwo to mega evolve.

Previously, Green only appeared in some Pokémon concept art and the Pokémon Adventures manga, so it’s both a treat and a challenge that she would appear for the first time in these latest installments in the franchise.

16. Battle Blue
The Let’s Go games depict slightly more of the Pokémon timeline than the original games did. Instead of becoming the Viridian City Gym Leader in the interim between the first and second generation of Pokémon games, his rise to the position happens in the Pokémon Let’s Go games.

After defeating the Elite Four, a player can challenge Blue and his full team of pocket monsters if they so choose. This little bit of side content is a nice touch and hopefully means that players can fight him again in a Let’s Go interpretation of the second generation of games.

Tensei24 Tensei24 LV.12 Elite Four 11d
Top 30 Side Quests In Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee Part 1

Pokémemes Looking for Sword Exclusives for Shield Exclusives

Also need grookey & sobble if you have them.

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Looking for Sword Exclusives for Shield Exclusives

Ultra Shiny Gyarados

I’ll take a shiny or legendary

SLUSH SLUSH LV.2 Lurker 11d
Ultra Shiny Gyarados


Imagine getting cought playing this

Mimic Mimic LV.2 Insomniac 11d


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Eevee_Enthusiasts Eevee_Enthusiasts LV.4 Lurker 11d

Top 25 Hidden Details In Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee Part 2

10. Professor Oak's Sketchbook
This is an easter egg that's both incredibly subtle, and easy to miss. At the start of the game, when Professor Oak gives you the standard "Pokemon are your buddies" dialogue, take a look at the bookcase.

On the top of the shelves sitting on a white and blue box of folders, is a brown sketchbook. This book has a very telling design and upon further inspection, we can see what it is. This is Professor Oak's very own Pokémon drawing sketchbook, seen in the 4th Pokémon movie, Pokémon 4Ever.

9. Team Rainbow Rocket Poster Pun
Celadon City's Game Corner has a ton of references to many different Pokémon properties. But one of the best is a reference to a relatively new antagonist faction. In the back of the game corner, where the Team Rocket Grunt would be standing guard, there's a poster.

If you take a closer look at this poster you'll notice a couple of things. One, there's a rocket, and two there's a rainbow. Now, the group of villains in Ultra Sun & Moon were called the Rainbow Rockets, right? Pretty cute reference to them, especially when the poster hides a switch to the Rocket hideout.

8. Silph Co. Has Some Landscape Shots
As the Pokémon franchise trucks on in years, the newer games reference to older ones more and more. That holds especially true for a new game that's a remake of an old game, yet somehow has items and mechanics from games in the future. Confusing I know but I'm talking about Pokémon Let's Go.

In the Silph Co. headquarters, you will come across a variety of different pictures hung on the walls. Most if not all of these are images of specific locations in other Pokémon games, like the Bell Tower from G & S, or...Stongehenge?

7. The Celadon Slots References
The Celadon Game Corner has always seemed a bit odd to me. The Pokémon Company has, over time, taken out the more adult content in Pokémon games. But the gambling aspect has always remained. Maybe it's because Pachinko is so ingrained in Japanese culture?

Anyways, the slots in Celadon all keep with the Pokemon theme. When you interact with them, they give a brief description of what the slot game entails. Turns out these descriptions are subtle references to all the Pokémon Spin-Offs. Check them out and see if you can guess the game.

6. Green Is Looking For Mewtwo
Now in America, we unfortunately only got two versions of the first generation Pokémon game, Red and Blue. But there was another version only in Japan, Green version. This was a bummer because Venusaur has always been one of my favorite Kanto Pokemon. But in any case, the player character is Green who is obsessed with catching Legendary Pokemon.

She's a very unique character in her own right that American audiences never really knew about. Lately, they've been adding her into games such as Sun and Moon, and she even plays a big part in the Pokémon Let's Go post game in the hunt for Mewtwo.

5. Blue Takes Over Viridian Gym
You'll only see this in the post-game, but for the third time in the franchise Blue takes over the Viridian Gym after Giovanni leaves. It seems that The Pokemon Company wants to tell us that Blue is destined to run his own Gym.

Considering you battle him at the said gym in the later half of Gold and Silver, it's nice to see him starting it up with new HD graphics. He even jokes about how badly it needs redecorating when you visit him. I always love this little bit of lore for Blue, it shows the main characters have individual goals.

4. Snorlax Auditions For Totoro
People love Snorlax. You love Snorlax, I love Snorlax, and The Pokémon Company for sure loves Snorlax. I mean what's not to like? The adorable guy represents what we all would like to be doing most of the time...sleeping. But apparently, he's so beloved that he got his very own riding animation.

Instead of hopping onto his shoulders, or riding on his back, you'll instead grab on his tummy.
It's a straight-up adorable interaction and is most likely a reference to one of the most famous animated films of all time, My Neighbor Totoro. In this movie, the two kids ride on Totoro in the exact same fashion.

3. Old Man Gets Promoted To International Police
Now The Pokémon Company is full of incredibly clever people. I mean they've essentially sold games over and over for the past 20 years. So of course, they'd use Pokemon Let's Go's more forgettable NPC's to bridge a connection between other games in the franchise.

Do you remember the old gentleman on the S.S. Anne? Of course, you don't, but he was always there. In the original games, he was a "global police officer" according to his dialogue. But now, in Let's Go, he's part of the international police. This is, of course, an easy connection to Looker who is seen throughout the mainline games.

2. Mina Visits Kanto
The Sun and Moon games, in my opinion, are some of the best in the franchise. Now I know they hold your hand a lot and the tutorial is insanely long. But, they have some of the most fun, unique characters out there. One such character is Mina, one of the Trial Captains in the game. She's a Fairy-type trainer, as well as an artist, and fans adore her design.

The Pokémon Company took notice of the adoration, and she's been popping up ever since. Let's Go is her newest cameo albeit she's much younger. Still, a nice way to include a character from the present gen in a game about the first.

1. Mewtwo's Second Home
The whole Mew and Mewtwo thing has given birth to numerous urban myths throughout the years. But the one that was the most obvious is that Mewtwo was a clone of Mew, created in the depths of the Pokémon Mansion on Cinnabar Island. While this is a certainty, it was never 100% confirmed. But now, in Pokémon Let's Go, the textures and graphics, in general, are much nicer, and we can see things more clearly. Like the incredibly obvious test-tube Mewtwo was kept in for the duration of the project down in the basement.

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Top 25 Hidden Details In Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee Part 2

Pokémemes Pokémon go

Does any one have Pokémon go that we can play,trade and do raid battles

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Pokémon go

Looking to trade my shinies

Look at pics below to see what else I got and dm me if ur interested in anything

Looking to trade my shinies +4
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Looking to trade my shinies

Pokémemes Ranked All legendary Pokémon (No gen 8)

It would not let me put up gen 8 but Zamazenta would be A, and zacian would be an S, and as for Eternatus would be a would B and it’s EternaMaxed form would be an S

Ranked All legendary Pokémon (No gen 8)
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Ranked All legendary Pokémon (No gen 8)

Pokémemes THE WAIT IS OVER!!!

After 428 eggs I finally got my shiny Baby :)))))

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Pokémemes Giveaway coming soon ;)

Giveaway coming soon ;)
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Giveaway coming soon ;)

Sorry but just gotta flex a little (I'm kinda excited)

Just completed the National Living Dex all shiny except gen 8 (for now)

Sorry but just gotta flex a little  (I'm kinda excited)
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Sorry but just gotta flex a little (I'm kinda excited)

Ok for everyone who See's this comment 1 if I should delete moot YouTube comment 2 if I shouldn't

It's ur choice. Because a YouTuber who I gone to their stream and for No reason he said I got sent there to ruin the stream and he called me a piece of sh*t lots of times and said he hates me I feel sad lonely and depressed now so it's ur choice...

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Ok for everyone who See's this comment 1 if I should delete moot YouTube comment 2 if I shouldn't

Pokémemes Trading these will only accept small amounts sent to my PayPal account

Trading these will only accept small amounts sent to my PayPal account +30
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Trading these will only accept small amounts sent to my PayPal account

Pokémemes I Need A Little Research Help

Ok so recently I have been wanting to purchase a 3DS
Just a normal ordinary 3DS but when I try googling to do research it is ethier 3DS XL or a post back from release (it had to of become cheaper seeing as it is several years old) I was wondering if you guys could help a bit if you happen to find results more up to date and just a normal 3Ds I would appreciate it

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I Need A Little Research Help

Pokémemes 🔮🧬 Mewtwo 🧬🔮

Little something I made Hope you PokèFans like!Watch and Enjoy the video.💁🏻‍♂️
🔮🧬 #Mewtwo 🧬🔮

🔮🧬 Mewtwo 🧬🔮
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🔮🧬 Mewtwo 🧬🔮

Pokémemes Shinies 4 trade

PM me for offers

Shinies 4 trade
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Shinies 4 trade

Pokémemes Shiny giveaway (closed announcing soon)

Ok so on the 17th of March I will be giving away 6 shiny Pokemon ⬇️

To enter
1: follow me
2: like the post
3: comment something so I know you’ve done it
4: maybe subscribe to my YouTube channel (optional

Good luck to you all

Shiny giveaway (closed announcing soon)
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Shiny giveaway (closed announcing soon)

Pokémemes The Truth About GMax Pokemon

At least the DLC will give us this

The Truth About GMax Pokemon
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The Truth About GMax Pokemon

Pokémemes Congrats sandstraw

He got my favourite Pokémon plusle and won a shiny rhyperior

Congrats sandstraw
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Congrats sandstraw

How the Coronavirus is Affecting Pokemon Go

For most video gamers, the Coronavirus doesn’t impact how we go about our gaming activities. In some cases, video games are on the rise due to how many people are forced to stay at home, pushing them to try new titles they wouldn’t otherwise pick up. For Pokemon Go, however, the recent issues surrounding this illness has made it nigh, if impossible, to play.
For those unfamiliar, many of the activities in Pokemon Go require players to be walking and interacting with people throughout the day. Finding Pokemon means walking to different areas, you have to walk to the local gym in order to contest it, and many of the in-game items, like eggs, force you to walk a certain distance to unlock them for use. What’s more, most players tend to move in groups, participating in events, battles, and trading various in person. While some of these things can be done remotely, the large majority of what Pokemon Go is designed to do is make you go outside, socialize, and exercise while you game, all things made difficult by the viral nature of the Coronavirus.
We’ve all seen the waves of events that have been canceled due to the sickness, and Pokemon Go is no exception. On March 12th, the game’s recent Community Day event, a monthly gathering designed to get players to join together in their enthusiasm for the game, was postponed due to the risky nature of gathering large groups of individuals in one space.
However, in the same post announcing this, it was also revealed that Niantic, the designers of Pokemon Go, would make some temporary changes to the game to allow players to continue to have fun, even when indoors. The changes made are:
“A one-time purchase bundle of 30 Incense for 1 PokéCoin. Incense will also last for one hour.
1/2 Hatch Distance when Eggs are placed into Incubators during this time period
PokéStops will now drop Gifts more frequently
Pokémon habitats will increase and more Pokémon will be appearing in the wild”
So what does this all mean for the game experience as a whole? Firstly, the ability to buy such a large bulk of incense for super cheap means that players will be able to draw wild Pokemon into a concentrated place frequently, allowing them to stay in one centralized space but still find new monsters to catch. This is made all the more prominent by increasing how long the effects of incense lasts, making it so you can have an entire menagerie of creatures flocking to your couch for up to 30 hours if you so desire.
Next, the fact that eggs will be hatching in half the time, while still requiring you to move about, makes it less tedious for you to walk back and forth in your apartment to get the distance you need to hatch each egg. Considering how many of these things Niantic has been throwing at us recently, now would be a good time for players to hatch as many eggs as they can, as it’ll be much more efficient than usual.
Third, the fact that PokeStops will drop more stuff for people to get means that people who are going outside to play won’t have to return to the same location multiple times a day to get items. Hopefully, many people are able to reach PokeStops from their homes without much issue, meaning they won’t have to worry about traveling at all to get these goodies.
Lastly, the fact that there will be more, larger areas for wild Pokemon to appear from increases the likelihood of you coming across a creature to catch by your car or in your hallway, encouraging you to stay home, as you’re still just as likely to catch multiple Pokemon regularly, regardless of where you are or if you spend time in the same area for prolonged periods.
Now, as helpful as all this is to players, obviously this is only a temporary measure, which means if you’re an avid player, make sure you’re utilizing these opportunities as best you can. Hatch every egg you’ve got, catch to your heart’s delight, and get a ton of free stuff while it’s there. I, for one, think it’s great that Niantic are taking the steps to allow players to keep playing and enjoying their title, even at their expense. It’s actions like these that will keep us, as a community, bonded, even when we’re forced to play separately by necessity.
What do you think about these changes? How are you going to spend the next couple of weeks in Pokemon Go? Sound off in the comments, and let us know what’s the coolest Pokemon you’ve caught since these changes have been implemented.

How the Coronavirus is Affecting Pokemon Go +2
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How the Coronavirus is Affecting Pokemon Go

Pokémemes Another Charizard rank , but this time it’s with my Drednaw :)

Another Charizard rank , but this time it’s with my Drednaw :)
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Another Charizard rank , but this time it’s with my Drednaw :)

Pokémemes Update

Hello every one so this is just an update tomorrow is when the 6 shiny Pokémon giveaway will end so go check that out.

Soon I’ll be doing a shiny Litten giveaway so look out for that. Follow me so you don’t miss out on that.

And when we hit 100 followers I’ve got something absolutely huge planed. So help me get there and follow me.

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Pokémemes Witch one is best (Voteing closed)

Put answer in comments
This is open till Wednesday March 18th

Witch one is best (Voteing closed) +10
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Witch one is best (Voteing closed)

Pokémemes What should I shiny hunt for next ?

I’m honestly stumped on what to shiny hunt next as I have every starter and most Galarian shinies so give me some ideas!!

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What should I shiny hunt for next ?

Eeveelutions Discord!

Hello! I and a few others made a Discord for a Facebook Group we run, and I thought I'd extend the Invitation to Moot as well! The Eeveelutions server is good fun, even though we're still growing! We have a Gym Challenge going on at all times and host events and giveaways regularly to keep things fun! We also have battling, trading, and raiding channels, as well as POGO stuff for those interested! If you'd like to join, please go to our Discord at and say hi! Make sure to read our rules channel and go to our Role Assignment channel to experience the full server!

Eeveelutions Discord!
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Eeveelutions Discord!

Pokémemes Shout out to Juice1442!!!!

He hooked it up with the last shiny Gmax I needed to complete the collection :)

Shout out to Juice1442!!!!
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Shout out to Juice1442!!!!

Top 10 Easiest Pokemon To Evolve

10. Magikarp
Magikarp was once considered the hardest Pokémon to evolve, but as trade trainers were gifted with the powerhouse known as Gyarados. Since then the franchise has implemented the experience share item, otherwise known as Exp. Share, into the core of the game. This made evolving Pokémon who couldn't win battles on their own much easier to evolve. Among the fans, the frustration when looking at a Magikarp is a tell of how long you've been with the series as only veterans remember the struggle of obtaining a Gyarados.

9. Lotad
Lotad is a water and grass dual-type that made its introduction during the 3rd generation of games. This little creature has a lily pad on its head that brings its design together and makes it feel unique. This little thing evolves into its second form named Lombre quickly at level 14 and in turn, can be transformed into its 3rd form when Lombre is exposed to a water stone. This means at the low level of 14 a trainer and sees their childish Lotad quickly become the king of the weird fiesta Ludicolo. The quick turnaround from base to final form is quite impressive.

8. Sentret
On top of being one of the most overlooked and underrated Pokémon designs, Sentret also happens to evolve at a really low level. This My Neighbor Totoro inspired mammal will evolve into its final form known as Furret at level 15. This is quicker than most starter Pokémon as they evolve into their middle stages at level 16.

Sentret is much cuter and cuddlier than Furret, so your best bet is to give it an Everstone and let it exist as the bulbous raccoon of the forest. Most people don't know this but a Sentret egg sports the same brown stripes as its thick tail.

7. Seedot
We previously talked about Lotad and how it can quickly turn from the base form into its 3rd evolution at level 14, but it isn't the only Pokémon capable of such a feat. Seedot is a grass-type seedling creature who evolves into its 2nd form named Nuzleaf at level 14 and then into its final form when Nuzleaf is gifted a leaf stone. The reason Seedot gets the nod over Lotad is that Shiftry is so useful in battles since it sports a dual-typing or grass and dark. Being able to have a unique dual-type at such a low level can create a pretty special tactical advantage on the battlefield.

6. Wynaut
There wasn't much standing in the way of putting Wobbuffet's pre-evolution on the list, so we figured, why not? Wynaut is known as the Bright Pokémon which is likely due to the smile and jovial eyes it's sporting on its adorable little face at all times. This little blue munchkin can turn into the giant blue creature resembling a car dealership's attention-grabbing inflatable entities at level 15. This may be surprising, but what's more surprising is the theory that Wobbuffet's tail is the Pokémon and the body is a distraction. Another theory is that its a symbiotic relationship between the two.

5. Weedle
The first Pokémon games were designed in a way to get trainers invested in the process of catching and evolving Pokémon during the early hours of the game. This meant that the bug-types you encountered early on evolved at rather low levels.

Weedle was the less welcoming of the two caterpillar-like Pokémon you run into, and at level 7 you could turn it into a Kakuna, and three levels later at level 10 you could have yourself a Beedrill. Beedrill isn't super powerful as its main design function was to show trainers the power of reaching a final evolution.

4. Caterpie
Weedle may have popped up first on this list, but Caterpie is the one that landed in more trainers' sights. This green caterpillar manages to evolve into a green cocoon form named Metapod at level 7 and then quickly morphs into the beautiful butterfly Pokémon known as Butterfree at level 10. Not only is Butterfree more aesthetically pleasing than Beedrill, its ability to learn sleep powder and stun spore turn it into a useful tool for trainers looking to complete their Pokédex. The cool thing is this tool known as Butterfree can be acquired before you even get your first badge.

3. Nincada
You may be wondering why a bug/ground dual-type that evolves at level 20 is so high on the list and there's a reasonable explanation for that. Not only does Nincada evolve at level 20, but it also gives the player a whole other Pokémon simply by having an empty slot in their party. This is huge, and though it may be a weird circumstance for evolution, all it requires is a little planning ahead on the part of the trainer. You don't even need an extra Poké ball as the Shedinja that appears magically finds itself in one alongside your other party members.

2. Eevee
For Eevee, it being able to evolve into numerous different creatures means that players are left with tons of options. When looking at specific evolutionary paths you'll find that acquiring those specific evolutions for Eevee is quite involved, while others simply require a stone. The reason Eevee comes in near the top of this list is simply due to the power of choice. It's a Pokémon that gives you options, and it's up to you to figure out which one you'd like your Eevee to evolve into. Good luck acquiring the likes of Sylveon or Umbreon, though.

1. All The Starters
After going over the entire National Pokédex it's hard to find Pokémon that are easier to evolve than the starters of every region. The first part of evolving a Pokémon is owning it, and the starters are gifted upon you as a trainer at the beginning of your adventure, so that's taken care of. Next is being able to use them in battle so they can earn experience and level up, and more often than not trainers tend to keep their starter Pokémon with them throughout their journey to become a champion. Starters are a staple of the franchise and are meant to show the best of the evolutionary process.

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Top 10 Easiest Pokemon To Evolve

Pokémemes Recently replayed let’s go eevee

I forgot about these boys, so I transferred them to sword

Recently replayed let’s go eevee
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Recently replayed let’s go eevee

Pokémemes Join The Community And Help Stop Pokemon Abuse Today

Join The Community And Help Stop Pokemon Abuse Today
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Join The Community And Help Stop Pokemon Abuse Today

Pokémemes *Boop!*

Hiya! Good morning everyone! ^~^

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Pokémemes I need advice.

Does anyone know a good shiny breeder for money or something.

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I need advice.

Any unaware clefable?

I need a unaware clefable and I will give out a shiny for it

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Any unaware clefable?

Spikey Boy

Spikey Boy
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Spikey Boy

Trading shiny kyurem shiny zekrom shiny mewtwo and shiny gmax lapras

If your interessed msg me and let me know what you want

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Trading shiny kyurem shiny zekrom shiny mewtwo and shiny gmax lapras


Once i hit 40 followers im giving away TWO level 100 Zamazentas (with their items). At 60 im giving away 1 set of shiny alolan starters and 1 set of galar starters. Spread the word!

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