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May 4, 2021, 03:46 PM 839 read

[New Companion] Armor-Piercing Fist – Niki

Hundred Soul : The Last Savior: event - [New Companion] Armor-Piercing Fist – Niki video cover image 0

※ This video was captured in a test environment, and may differ upon update application.   Niki is a Companion whose default active skill is replaced by a more powerful active skillbased on her accumulated rage after she learns her secret skill. The active skill has 3 stages, causing down, down, and down & airborne effects.   Niki, similar to her twin sister Tiki, can acquire a secret skill to recharge her rage and can break the opponent’s Super Armor.   For further information, please refer to the Companion tab of the Collection, or the in-game Cash Shop.    

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