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Sep 15, 2021, 03:26 PM 165 read

2021-09-15 Patch Note


0.90.0(210915)   [EVENT] ■ Hundred Marbles Event will take place. ■ Herse Festival of Peace Event Mission will take place. ■ Daily Reward for New Advent Preparation - Event Period : 2020.09.15 (Wed) ~ 2020.09.28 (Tue) (14 DAYS) - During the Event perios, saviors could collect Battle Keys *200, Gold *100,000 and Sweep Tickets *4 from mail inbox every 5:00 AM. ■ Weekday Hot Time for New Advent Preparation - Event Period :9/16~9/17,9/20~9/24, 9/27~9/28 -Hot-times for item drop, gold drops and Exp will be initiated throughout the event period ■ Renard Special Battles will take place on weekend - Event Period : 2021.09.18(Sat) ~ 2021.09.19(Sun), 2021.09.25(Sat) ~ 2021.09.26(Sun) - Renard Special Battles where players can collect large sums of Gold. ■ Total Battle Keys use Event - Event Period : 2021.09.15 (Wed) ~ 2020.09.29 (Tue) (14 Days)   [Contents] ■ The skin could be purchased by Emeralds. - The latest skin In 3 months will not be able to purchase with emeralds. - But after 3 months, when the next set of new skin announce the previous one will be able to purchase with emeralds.   [Products] ■ Gift Package of September have been added. - Autunm Special Combat Package - Autunm Special Emerald Package - Autunm Special Triple Package ■ Bianca Special Package has been added. ■ Hair Style Package has been added. - Traditional Kimono Style Package - Saviors could purchase it from Hair Page of Special category in Cash Shop.   [Bug Fixes] ■ Fixed an issue when you don't have enough Power Gears where the Disintegrate Button still could be clicked. ■ Fixed an issue where Item Hot Time's icon and description shows error in Hot Time System.

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