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Jul 28, 2021, 12:59 PM 1,076 read

[Notice] Battlefield 9 update


Hello Saviors,   With the update for 7.28, [Battlefield 9] has been added, and along with the update, the following changes will be implemented along with a few notices on board.   ◈Battlefield 9

Hundred Soul : The Last Savior: notice - [Notice] Battlefield 9 update video cover image 1

■ Battlefield 9 - Jungle of the Deep has been added - The Monster Collection has been expanded to include Battlefield 9 - A Mercury Mine for Battlefield 9 has been added - Items of Battlefield 9 have been added to Traiding Post of The Guild System. - Items and Materials of Battlefield 9 have added to The Secrect Shop. ■ Maximum level has been expanded to level 90 ■ Maximum upgrade for all equipments have been expanded to T8. ■ New Equipments have been added. - 3 Main Weapon (Death Scythe) - 3 Sub Weapon (Pegasus) -1 Necklace (Eternal Regalia) ■ New Equipments have been added to Unknown Workshop of Pandora. ■ 3 Karma Equipments have been added. - Centurion's Flag, Berserker's Cloak, Knight King's Heavy Armor. ■ New Conpanion, Einar has been added. ■ Collection has been expanded. - Reach Missions of reaching T8 have been added. -New Equipments have been added. - New Companior has been added. - Monsters of Battlefield 9 have been added. ■ New difficulty "Inferno" of Special Battle has been added. ■ New difficulty "Abyss" of Realm of Lore has been added. ■ Seal Enchant Stone has been added to the Secret Shop. ■ The maximum level of Unknown Workshop has been increased from 6 to 7. ■ 3 New Equipments have been added to Workshop - Crimson Edge, Guardian Cocoon Ring, Guardian Belt ■ Double the Power Gears Functuon has been added. - Uses double the Power Gears to double the amount of rewards received, including bonuses. ■ Mysterious Star Fragments and Miraculous Meteors have been added to General Shop and Guild Shop.  

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