Hundred Soul CM LV.19 GameManager
Jul 21, 2021, 01:24 PM 179 read

2021-07-21 Patch Note


0.75.5(210721)   [Contents] ■ The Guild War of Season 1 will be ended at 03:00 on Monday July 26th. ■ Season Reaward, the Reward of Guild's final rank has been added to League Reward page. (Rank1~Rank10) ■ Season Reward of Guild War Season 1 will be sent via in-game mail. - Saviors could obtain The Season Reward from Guild Wars after the Reward Calculation Period, according to the final Rank of your Guild in Season 1. ㄴRanking Calculation Period: 2021.07.26(Mon) 03:00 ~ 2021.07.27(Tue) 05:00 ㄴRanking Reception Period: 2021.07.27(Tue)05:00~2021.08.02(Mon)03:00(6 Days)   [Bug Fixes] ■ Fixed an issue when the boss of Twin Hounds and Skeleton Brothers has been defeated before the sub-boss appears, where the conquest cannot be cleared.

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