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2021-06-30 Patch Note


0.70.15(210630)   [Events] ■ Pandora’s Workshop Hot time Event will take place. - Essence of Creation discount (30%) - Mine Boost Hot Time - Pandora ingredient yield from using Mine Boosters will be increased by 50%) - Pandora’s Workshop – Immediate Completion discount - Pandora Crafting Achievement Event ( The number of items that been created / The amount of materials that been used) - Creation rates will be increased for specific equipment [Legendary Advent] – Blaze Bastard, Heretic Shield [Legendary] – Heaven's Glory [Advent] – Blaze Bastard, Heretic Shield, Magma Belt [Set] – Hellfire Set ■ Bargoth Advent Ranking events will take place for 2 weeks - Rankings will be calculated starting from 2021-06-30 05:00 until 2021-07-14 05:00 for two weeks, and only clears on the Hell difficulty for the Advent will be applied to the rankings. - Rewards according to rankings will be provided after a 24 hour ranking calculation period, and rewards will be receivable starting 2021-07-15 05:00 until 2021-07-21 05:00.   [Contents] ■ New Companion, Raven has been added in Collection. ■ Hell Difficulty of The Bargoth Advent has been added. ■ Legendary Blaze Bastard and Legendary Heretic Shield have been added to Bianca's Smithy ■ Expanding Bianca's Smithy Kane's level cap to Lv. 12. ■ Main Weapon / Adven Equipments Medal effects expand to 6th / 6th phase.   [Products] ■ Pandora Super Special Support Package sales - The Pandora Super Special Support Package will be purchasable throughout its sales period. (once per account) ■ New Companion Raven Package of Special Offer has been added. - New Companion will not be able to join Guild War within a certain time period ■ Companion Deluxe Package has been adjusted (Companion*1, Emeralds*4,500, Gold*300,000, Companion*s Soul*30, Illusion Hall Key*10, Badge of Honor*20, Companion Equipment Ticket*25, Crowns*45, Companion's Icon) ■ Companion Premium Package has been adjusted (Companion*1, Emeralds*8,000, Gold*1,000,000, Companion*s Soul*90, Illusion Hall Key*20, Badge of Honor*60, Companion Equipment Ticket*50, Crowns*80, Companion's Icon)   [Improvements] ■ The main title screen has been changed for Bargoth.   [Bug Fixes] ■ Fixed an issue when Scorpion King has been shocked where it will repeat certain action. ■ Fixed an issue where the maximum limit notice of Pandora Material, products and items doesn't show correctly, and which hide behind the other notice window. ■ Fixed an issue where the text of the Guild War loading page doesn't show correcctly.   [Known Issue] ■ The date and the day of the week doesn't show correctly in Exchange System. ■ Without having any Advent Equipment, when exchanging the "Advent Sealed Enchant Stone" in exchange system, it occurs error. ■ To move the equipment page to the bottom then move it to the top, where the Star icon will be overlaped in Equipment system. ■ When using sweep function to get material then back to the Team Setting in Weapon Challenge, where the battle will start from Conquest stage. ■ When pressing Pet/Companion slot after pressed Karma slot in Team Settings, the skill info doesn't show correctly.   [Event Disclaimer] ■ Schedules are executed in UTC+7 for the SEA Server. ■ When possessing more than 9,999 for a Pandora Workshop Material, additional materials will be lost. Example ) When a player receives 300 Sulfur while possessing 9,800, Sulfur will max out at 9,999 (only 199 provided, 101 will be lost) ■ To cancel the payment for the purchased product, contact our Support within the valid period from the purchase date and most importantly , without having accepted the mail. (Settings → Support)

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