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2021-6-09 Patch Note


0.70.0(210609)   [EVENT] ■ Qipao Festival will take place. Jumbo Meat Dumpling Drop / Exchange event has been added. [Jumbo Meat Dumpling] can be obtained from Campaign, Conquest, the Realm of Lore and Event Battle:Regular Dungeon. ■ - Please refer to the [Event] menu in-game for further details ■ Qipao Special Battles – Event Battles - 1 week each for Lady Terra, Rowin, Lady Gray ■ In Search of the Legendary Treasure event has been added. [Herse Coin] can be obtained from Campaign, Conquest, and the Realm of Lore. - Please refer to the [Event] menu in-game for further details   [New Products] ■ New products of Savior Pass have added. - Premium Savior Pass, Savior Pass - Premium Savior Pass and Savior Pass can not be purchased at the same time, this products is applied immediately after purchase, so you can't cancel purchase. ■ Skins Packages for Qipao has been added. - Savior, Rowin, Lady Gray, Lady Terra ■ Qipao Advent Weapon Skin Package has been added. ■ The Special Package of June has been added. -Companion Legendary Equipment Package -Sweep Special Package -Bianca Special Box -Pet Special Food Box   [Balaence] ■ The unlock condition for Aerial Evasion and Double Dodge has been changed. - The unlock condition for Aerial Evasion has been changed from Enchant 3 to basic skill. - The unlock condition for Double Dodge has been changed from Enchant 5 to Enchant 3. - Armor Boost has been added with Enchant 5. - Except for Advent Armor.   [Improvements] ■ Improvements of Hundred Soul 2nd -The UI of Karma equipment has been improved, saviors could check the skill information in Team Settings. -The display of equipment has been improved. ㄴ In Bianca's Smithy, Exchange System and Equipment Selection Box will show that if saviors own the item. ㄴ In Bianca's Smithy, Exchange System and Equipment Selection Box will show the enchant level of owned Equipment. - "Request an Item" system of Guild has been improved, the material will be sorted by the battlefield and Boss, and show how many that saviors have already owned. - Sort function (By grade / By amount) has been added in Inventory. - Exchange Notice has been added in Exchange System. -When finishing the Boss Advent with 2 companions, the additon Available Rewards will be sent to improve the comsuming of Companion vitality. - Favorite Function has been added in Equipment system. - The category of Inventory has been improved. ㄴ "All" category has been deleted, "Pandora Metrial" has been changed to "Pandora/Bianca" category. -The skill tips has been improved. ㄴIncreasing attack power, attack status, Buff/Debuff icon and duration has been added in skill Tips. - The Buff/Debuff effect will display in Boss HP . - The pop-window of reward notice will show when saviors acquire Advent Rewards/Challenge Missions Reward/Ranking Rewards. - Reduce the trade points requirement of request an item but also increase the amount you can request in Guild.   [Bug Fixes] ■ Fixed an issue that the item tips didn't show correctly with some Medal Mission Rewards in Collection. ■ Fixed an issue when you have T5 Quick Upgrade Ticket where the equipment will active by pressing the Quick Upgrade button even the equipment is ineligible. ■ Fixed an issue when saviors attack Bleeding Advent Boss "Primal Worm" with Grab skill where can not deal any damage. ■ Fixed an issue after saviors dispatched companions to the battlefields, where Resource Center doesn't provide the Pandora Materials when re-enter the world map. ■ Fixed an issue where the scroll bar doesn't work when saviors want to adjust the amount of Pandora Material in Pandora System. ■ Fixed an issue where the material of Bianca's Smithy didnt show directly from sweep in Advent. ■ Fixed an issue where the 3rd hit of Nightfall skill will miss when using particular action with "Easy Play" function . ■ Fixed an issue when saviors is playing Battlefields 2 then join the Guild, where the "Request an Item" system will display incorrectly. ■ Fixed an issue when getting rewards from 7 Days to Save the World, where the notice pop-window shows "This event has ended". ■ Fixed an issue when moving right and left in the Shop, where the arrow exists even when the shop can not be moved anymore. ■ Fixed an issue where the Hundred Marbles Dice doesn't show the Red Dot notice when the reward can be claimed. ■ Fixed an issue where Equinus doesn't use particular action in Trial of Equinus.   [Known Issue] ■ "Favorite" function will cause the display issue when the amount of equipment is odd.

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