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What's Saru been up to these days...?


Ryan - "Haha this is the perfect picture to use when you're introduced on the news!!" Saru^ - "I'm not posting this...anywhere. Take this as a favor, I don't think I can bring myself to do this ever again.." Ryan - "Well I appreciate your sacrifice-...hey maybe I should ask my cousin if she needs a picture of you in a turtle costume for her project too!" Saru^ - "That's what she has you for..." Ryan - "Yeah.....wait- no that's-" Saru^ - "-I'm going to NineBells later today just to eat with some friends, you wanna come?" Ryan - "Never been there, but sure, it's not a News team sorta thing right? Haru gonna be there?" Saru^ - "I don't actually know if he's going- maybe, and no it's not a work thing. Just a big get together to have fun, NineTales is a restaurant but they also have an arcade!" Ryan - "WOAH yeah I'll go for sure! We can go together- if you don't have anything else to do before then ?" Saru^ - "Well. Not really, it's around 8 that I'll be heading there. So I'll pick you up if I need to go take care of something. But for now..." Ryan - "Let's play Street Fighter!!"

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