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What is Haru up to these days..?


Haru^ - "It's nice to step out of the house and not think about work!" Yen - "Wow I didn't know how difficult it was for you..." Haru^ - "It was agonizing! Reporting all the time about things that come and go, things always come and go!" Yen - "That's true." Haru^ - "I'm just glad I get a moments break...after this, I'll have to go back to the same lifestyle." Yen - "I have a question though, don't you and Saru take turns sometimes? I didn't think you both always presented right?" Haru^ - "Well...yeah but it's still a lot of time we each spend on presenting." Yen - "Okay, but doesn't that mean you get to be on many posts? I think more than anyone I've seen you and Saru everytime there's a new post." Haru^ - "Okay but being in front of the camera isn't everything-" Yen - "Alright. So do you think you might quit if the schedule doesn't change?" Haru^ - "Well, I do it because I enjoy it so....I can overlook the hours.." Yen - "Hm...getting to know first about every upcoming trend must be nice too?" Haru^ - "..." Yen - "Hey do you wanna get icecream?" Haru^ - "Sure...but only if you stop reminding me how great my job is!"

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