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History Ejoo, Part Two


And that's part two of my story :) When I started training, I was only 22 years old. while the remaining girls are 14, 15,16,17,18 years old. my now dream was to become a solo aidol. I wanted to dance on stage to my songs. there were a lot of obstacles on the way, and one day I almost flew out of my shod in the dance. Surprisingly, I only trained for two years. It's VERY small! I've questioned others, and it turns out they've been training for about four years. I was so glad I could! and I distinctly remember the day Victoria came into my room and said: "you've been through an internship. You're Idol." I seemed to be screaming with happiness... I couldn't believe those words. she went on to say: "What do you think of the idea of performing in a band? A few more girls have been trained and are ready to make their debut" And unexpectedly for myself, I agreed. because during the time I've been here, we've rallied very much and started to be friends. I listened to her carefully. "There should be six people in your group. and this is Park Mina, Lee Yuonji, Kim Jenna, Kim Sonett, and Park Sojina. Please come into my office, we need to discuss your debut." It's been almost a month, and we're supposed to make our debut, but there's another girl in our company. it was our age category and we decided that we would have 7 people! moreover, Ryuna had been an intern for more than four years, and it would not be fair to refuse her. We continued our work, and that was the day everyone was waiting for. May 7, 2018 debuted group "NIGHTLIGHT" weeks, months, years. We weren't noticed. but no one even thought to give up!!! That's the whole story. Thank you, DARK, for supporting and loving us. The post wrote: Ejoo

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