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History Ejoo


Hello world. writes Ejoo ^^ I want to share with you the story of how I got to the audition. It all started when I found out that STAR LINE ent. announces an audition in Seoul! I was interested in music, so I took a chance, because I had nothing to lose. I came to town with my parents and we checked into the hotel. I was looking forward to the next day. And so it came... I was walking and I was very worried, if I couldn't. and here's the crucial moment, and I'm already in the room with the jury who evaluated me. Victoria was there as well. I sang the band's song "monster". and went to wait for the results in the corridor. about 15 other girls sat with me. among them I noticed Mina. But then I was only interested in the results. And here comes Victoria. she says: "results. Only 2 people auditioned." And in my head, it sounded like a verdict. I knew it was a serious company, and the demands here are quite high. Victoria continued: "And this... Kim Ejoo and Park Mina." I feel like I've fallen out of reality. I couldn't believe it happened. I've been through the hell!!! my happiness was not the limit. from that day on, another life began. my parents were happy for me, and I moved into the company's dorm. every day for about 12 hours I paid attention to training. it was very hard, but I did not give up and stubbornly went towards the goal. I'm going to write to you about the requirements for becoming a train at STAR LINE entertainment: — It should be 12 years. — Weigh no more than 75 kg. — Parents' written consent for an internship. — Certificate of absence of deadly diseases. — Certificate of no outbreaks of aggression. — Residence certificate. — Basic skills in dancing or singing. Actually, it's not the whole list. some items I forgot. Since the story is long enough, there will soon be a second part! The post wrote: Ejoo

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