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"Welcome Solbi, Heena, Naomi, Yepo, and Hitme to the Idolverse! We don't have much time but all of you look like you've been in the industry for a while! What made you choose to become an idol?" Hitme - "Personally..I love to dance, and the opportunity to perform onstage was a chance I couldn't lose!" Yepo - "Actually, I can say the same since my passion for writing lyrics brought me here. When I rap, I put my heart into each sentence. I hope Abysses can take notice of my effort!" Suzunu^ - "Wow, it seems you guys really went in with passion! You mentioned an unfamiliar term though..Abysses? What's that about?" Naomi - "Abysses are our fandom! Since our name is Starix, we chose something related to the universe/galaxy/etc., and..the idea of the 'Abyss' strongly reminded us of a neverending galaxy, where we don't know what's really all out's endless essentially." Suzunu^ - "Woah! What a clever fandom name! I'm 100% an Abyss! You guys don't look like the run of the mill girl group either..what's your secret?" Heena - "What we try to show the viewers, is to be unique to oneself and show their individual colors without trying too hard to stand out. Individuality is important...but trying to be different can put us in a place where we aren't even ourselves! Therefore...our outfits today are in an effort to incorporate our individuality, but in a way that says..'we're here as a team, and we work together to stand out!'." Suzunu^ - "I'm officially sold...I have no doubt the viewers feel the same way! Any last words to those considering joining the fandom?" Solbi - "Abysses, we hold you dear to our heart more than ever! We've just began our journey into the abyss of the 'idolverse' and we hope you'll join us along the way. Everything we come to achieve is because of you- so we hope you can see us as an idol you can look up to!" Suzunu^ - "Thank you so much for joining us today girls! I've never been so honored to host here!'s my first time...We hope you enjoyed STARIX IN. 1, until next time...! 💐


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