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May 25, 2021, 09:25 PM 160 read

NIGHTLIGHT on Jimmy Kimmel's interview


In the post you will find some interesting questions from the interview. If you are interested in the full version, we are waiting for you on YouTube. — Viktoria Good morning to all! in our studio the famous group NIGHTLIGHT. Hello, girls. Dark have been waiting for your appearance! Sit down more comfortably and we'll start. — Jimmy We know that the main purpose of today's interview is to tell about the release of a new song, thanks to which we became popular. And we'd love to share everything that's connected to it. — Ejoo To begin with, tell me, which of you came up with the idea to write this song? —Jimmy To me. our band has a dark concept, and the name of the song fits it well. I was sitting in my room thinking about music. I wanted something unusual, daring. and the very next day we worked hard in the studio. — Ryuna I think it was a spontaneous decision. but the song is really memorable. I only listened to it twice, but the motive was memorable. why does the song have such a name, and what is it related to? — Jimmy The video tells about the difficult life of teenagers, how many difficulties faced, and how we coped with it. The song itself is based on us. — Sojina Ok. Tell us how you made your debut? little is known about you except a recent song. — Jimmy We were debited three years ago. our songs had no popularity, no one noticed us, no matter how we tried. Weeks, months passed, nothing changed. but honestly, I'm surprised that the song "I HATE IT" learned about us. — Mina #NIGHTLIGHT #NIGHTLIGHT_IHATEIT The post wrote: Viktoria


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