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Starlight profile–chaeryong


Stage name:chaeryong(채령 ( Birth name:Park Chaeryong(박채룡) Position: visual,lead dancer, lead vocalist Birthday: August 4,2000 Zodiac sign: virgo ♍ Chinese zodiac signs:龍 dragon Blood type:B Nationality:korean Official symbol: heart ❤️ Official animal:dog 🐶 Chaeryong facts –she was born in jeju, South Korea. –Education:Jeju National University High School. –They are five siblings in their family. –she is the oldest of their siblings. –Her hobby is cooking. – She can speak Japanese. – Her favorite subject is Math. – Her favorite colors are peach color, sky blue and serenity. – Her favorite fruits are orange and strawberries. – Her favorite Band is NCT. – She can play the guitar. – When she was young, she dreamt of becoming a painter. –she's favorite food is tteok-bokki. –she's bias in NCT is jeamin. –she want to visit in australia.

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