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Girls Evolution profile–Kim Minjee


Stage name:Minjee(민지) Birth name:Kim Minjee(김민지) Position: Main Dancer,Lead vocalist, Sub Raper Weapon:🌀 Birthday: September 7,2001 Zodiac sign:Virgo Chinese Zodiac Sign: Snake Blood type: A Nationality:Korean Official symbol:❤️ Official Animal:🐶 Minjee Facts: -She was born in Seongnam, South Korea -She has a younger brother -She wants to visit Croatia. -She likes green tea. -She likes to watch k-drama all day -She became a trainee in 2016 -She likes to eat chocolate cake and pasta -She is still studying -She admires IU -Her favorite song is swimming fool by SEVENTEEN (performance team) -She can speak in English -Ideal Type: Talented and knows how to cook

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